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    The Privilege of Prayer

    Country artist Chris Stapleton’s deeply personal song, “Daddy Doesn’t Pray Anymore,” was inspired by his own father’s prayers for him. The poignant lyrics reveal the reason his father’s prayers ended: not disillusionment or weariness, but his own death. Stapleton imagines that now, instead of speaking with Jesus in prayer, his dad is walking and talking face-to-face with Jesus. 

    Stapleton’s recollection of his father’s prayers for him brings to mind a biblical father’s prayer for his son. As King David’s life ebbed away, David was making preparations for his son Solomon to take over as the next king of Israel. 

    After assembling the…

    The Heart of Fasting

    Hunger pangs gnawed at my nerves. My mentor had recommended fasting as a way to focus on God. But as the day wore on, I wondered: How did Jesus do this for forty days? I struggled to rely on the Holy Spirit for peace, strength, and patience. Especially patience.

    If we are physically able, fasting can teach us the importance of our spiritual food. As Jesus said, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). Yet, as I learned firsthand, fasting on its own doesn’t necessarily draw us closer to…

    Discover how God is making all things new

    Something new is coming. And in fact, it’s already here. Today on Discover the Word, we will share how God is making all things new and He’s starting with you. It’s an encouraging and life-changing truth from Mark chapter 2 in the series titled, “Why, Jesus?” Listen right here on  Discover the Word!

    Why I Went on a Social Media Fast

    About two years ago, I decided to delete or deactivate most of my social media accounts for a while.

    Why I’m Fasting for the First Time

    “Do you love God more than you love sugar?” A small voice in my head asked. I wavered, and was struck by the fact that I actually hesitated. We all have our coping mechanisms in times of stress and pressure.

    Do We Still Need to Fast?

    I’ve never been one to subscribe to the spiritual discipline of fasting. I’ve always considered it irrelevant in today’s context—almost extreme, in fact. Fasting, I thought, was something the Pharisees did to look good and impress people. God, however, has led me to discover that fasting is a lot more than just superficial religiosity. In […]

    An interesting conversation on a forgotten discipline

    A good meal can satisfy our hunger, give us a break from the day, and tickle our taste buds. So why would someone choose to give up food for a period of time? Let's examine the practice and purpose of fasting.

    How the Sermon on the Mount acts as our balance beam for the Christian life

    High up on the beam, a gymnast must be careful to keep her balance. Any drastic shifts to the right or left can send her careening to the mat! Learn how to maintain biblical stability.

    Discover what Jesus said about the practice and benefits of fasting

    As we look at spiritual disciplines in the life of a follower of Christ, reading God’s Word and praying are essential. But should fasting be on that short list as well?

    Let’s turn to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to find out what makes us “good”

    What makes a follower of Christ a “good” person? Is it how long they pray? How well they serve? Let's turn to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to answer this probing question.

    Looking at whether our good works are for the reward people provide, or the praise only God can give

    If our eyes are set on a particular prize, we’ll usually do whatever it takes to make it our own. A thoughtful study of the Sermon on the Mount continues.

    Time Out

    El Bulli restaurant, 2 hours north of Barcelona, is so popular that customers must reserve a table 6 months in advance. But noted Spanish chef Ferran Adrià decided to close the doors of his award-winning restaurant for 2 years so he and his staff could have time to think, plan, and innovate. Adrià told Hemispheres Magazine, “If we are winning all the prizes, why change? Working 15 hours a day leaves us very little time to create.” In the midst of great success, they took time out for what is most important to them.

    For The God I Love

    A couple of years ago in our church we did a sermon series on the Old Testament tabernacle. Leading up to the message on the table of showbread, I did something I had never done before—I fasted from food for several days. I fasted because I wanted to experience the truth that “man shall not live by bread alone; but man lives by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord” (Deut. 8:3).

    All Year Long

    During Lent (the 40 days prior to Easter) many Christians follow the practice of giving up something and taking the time to reflect on Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself for us.

    One group of middle-class believers in a church in the UK decided to live on the minimum wage.