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    God’s Value System

    What do employers, directors, and coaches have in common? They’ve got their eyes peeled for the best and the brightest. But today on Discover the Word, we reveal how God isn’t necessarily looking for the most qualified people to rescue. In fact, He’s got a whole other value system He’s working from! Learn more when you […]

    God Is Full Of Surprises

    God is full of surprises. And often times, it’s when we least expect it that our faith flourishes! That’s what the Discover the Word team is talking about today. Join us as we study how God’s plan for eternal life, first required death. God’s ways are not our ways, but we can always trust Him! Tune in today […]

    The Most Ambitious Rescue Plan In History

    The whole world seems to rally around a rescue effort, like when the group of Thai soccer players was stuck in a cave last month. Today on Discover the Word, we discuss the most ambitious rescue plan in history. Discover God’s counterintuitive plan to rescue His enemies. Listen today to Discover the Word!

    Having Faith In God’s Surprising Plan

    Are you the planner in your family or group? And maybe that means you hate surprises! Well, today on Discover the Word, the team jumps into a new series on the counterintuitive ways of God. Hear how your faith in God’s surprising plan can grow when you listen today to Discover the Word!

    Christ’s Victory And Glory

    In business, sports, and politics, there are always winners and losers. But today on Discover the Word, the team and special guest Robert Gelinas describe how Jesus flips the concept of winning and losing on its head. We’ll see how a moment of seeming defeat and humiliation . . . was really Christ’s victory and glory. Winning […]

    Please “Pass The Peace”

    When we’re around the dinner table, we teach our kids to pass the peas. But today on Discover the Word, the team and special guest Robert Gelinas gather at the table to discuss “The Cross as a Way of Life” and how we can pass the peace. Discover how when our world is divided, that’s “prime time” for the people […]

    World Peace vs. Eternal Peace

    People have asked if and how and when we can ever achieve world peace. Well, today on Discover the Word, the team, and special guest Robert Gelinas explain that eternal peace was won in a moment that seemed like defeat. Discover what Robert means when he says that the cross was a “cosmic event” as they continue to […]

    Jesus Paid The Ransom For You And Me

    Today on Discover the Word, the team and special guest Robert Gelinas discuss how Jesus paid a ransom for us, and how that is a model for us to “spend our lives as pocket change in Jesus’s hands.” Learn how we can experience “The Cross as a Way of Life” by living with the motto “Spend Me” when you listen to Discover […]

    The Cross . . . A Defining Moment

    For Christians, the crucifixion of Jesus stands as a defining moment in history. Today on Discover the Word, the team welcomes back pastor and author Robert Gelinas to the table to discuss how the cross doesn’t just mark a moment in time, but a way of life. Be part of their study “The Cross as a Way […]

    The Counterintuitive Ways Of God

    Today on Discover the Word, we conclude our weeklong study on the counterintuitive ways of God. God’s plans and methods often seem like the opposite of what we’d expect, but can we trust God in seasons of pain and when life doesn’t make sense? Get the faith-building answers today on Discover the Word!

    Forgive Others Like Christ Forgave You

    Have you ever been told to “forgive and forget”? Is that really how forgiveness works? Today on Discover the Word, the team, and special guest Robert Gelinas talk about the true nature of an often-misunderstood concept. When we understand how Christ forgave us, the way we forgive others will never be the same. Their series […]

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