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    Discerning When Scripture Is Meant To Be Universal And When It Is Not

    Scripture is God-breathed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we can apply a verse to every situation. Today on Discover the Word, we invite authors, Randy Richards, and Brandon O’Brien, to help us discern when Scripture’s application is meant to be universal, and when it’s meant to be limited. Our series is called, “Misreading Paul” . . . […]

    What Does Paul Have To Say About The Role Of Women In The Church?

    When you read the Gospels, it seems obvious that Jesus intentionally includes women in his ministry, but other parts of Scripture seem less friendly toward women. Today on Discover the Word, we are joined at the table by authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien, to wrestle with what Paul said about women’s role in the church. Join […]

    What Were Some Of The Complex Racial Issues Of Ancient Rome?

    Slavery was rampant in ancient times. So why didn’t Jesus or the apostles ever speak out against it? Today on Discover the Word, the team sits down with authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien to discuss the complex socioeconomic system that existed in ancient Rome. Another fascinating conversation to keep us from “Misreading Paul” today on Discover the […]

    What Were Some Of The Challenges Paul Faced In His Cross-Cultural World?

    One of the greatest issues we’re wrestling with in our world today is how to advance racial reconciliation. And today on Discover the Word, we are joined by authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien to discuss the challenges Paul faced in his cross-cultural life and ministry. We’re continuing our series called, “Misreading Paul” today on Discover the Word!

    Understanding Context Can Help Keep Us From Misreading The Bible

    It’s easy to point fingers at someone’s behavior until you understand the reasons behind it. Today on Discover the Word, we sit down with authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien to explore how understanding the context of the apostle Paul’s actions helps us to appreciate what he’s trying to tell us and can keep us from “Misreading […]

    The Apostle Paul And Some Of His Shortcomings

    We know nobody is perfect, but when you really admire somebody it’s easy to gloss over their flaws. Today on Discover the Word, the team invites authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien to the table for another challenging conversation about the apostle Paul and some of his shortcomings. Join us today for Discover the Word!

    Important Perspectives That Keep Us From Misreading Scripture

    When reading the Bible, trying to navigate the complex historical context in which it was written can make it downright intimidating! Today on Discover the Word, we are joined by authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien, to discuss some important perspectives that can keep us from misreading Scripture. Listen today to Discover the Word!

    Biblical Characters And The 21st-Century Western Culture

    Most of us have favorite biblical characters, but we run the risk of misunderstanding them when we try to fit them into our 21st-century Western culture. Today on Discover the Word, the team sits down with authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien and continue to discuss how to keep from “Misreading Paul.” Join us today for Discover the […]

    “Misreading Paul”

    Sometimes we tend to view biblical characters with rose-colored glasses, failing to see their faults or shortcomings. But that’s not reality! Today on Discover the Word, the team is joined by authors Randy Richards and Brandon O’Brien to explore together what is often perceived as the apostle Paul’s less-than-perfect behavior. A thought-provoking study called “Misreading Paul” today […]

    Difficult Choices And Following God

    When you’re faced with a difficult choice it can be tough to be confident in choosing the way to go. Factor in wanting to be sure you’re following God and that can add another level of complexity. Today on Discover the Word we will conclude the series titled, “Standing at the Crossroads.” Join the group for a thought-provoking discussion […]

    Actions Always Speak Louder Than Words

    A picture may be worth a thousand words but actions will speak even louder! Today on Discover the Word, we will turn again to the book of Jeremiah to see how it’s not enough to simply choose a path when we’re “Standing at the Crossroads,” we actually have to start walking. Get challenged, today on Discover the Word!

    Humbly Asking For Help And Trusting God

    Have you ever been reluctant to ask for help? Maybe you thought you’d be a burden, so you held back. But can a refusal to seek assistance sometimes actually be rooted in a self-centered pride? Today on Discover the Word, the team looks to the prophet Jeremiah to see how humbly asking for help can be a way […]

    Stepping Back To Look At The Big Picture

    When you’re trying to make a tough decision, stepping back and looking at the big picture can often offer a fresh perspective! Today on Discover the Word, we continue our study based on the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah and discover an instance when Jeremiah was able to move forward by looking back. Join us today on Discover the […]

    Making Godly Decisions While Standing At The Crossroads

    We all have to make decisions. But when you find yourself “Standing at the Crossroads,” how do you determine which way to go? Today on Discover the Word, the group will kick off a new series about the prophet Jeremiah. They’re dissecting the ancient wisdom that helped him make godly decisions. Listen today on Discover the Word!

    What Will You Do With Jesus?

    As with every Christmas season, we’ve heard a lot about Jesus and the story of His birth in Bethlehem over the last few weeks. Well, today on Discover the Word, the team will challenge us to respond to the question, What are you going to do with Jesus? Don’t miss the conclusion of our series called, […]

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