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    Seeing And Believing

    Today on Discover the Word, we conclude this week’s study titled, “Seeing and Unseeing.” Learn how the “cautious disciple” Philip was changed by a personal relationship with Jesus and discover how you can find new confidence in your faith! Listen to Discover the Word today!

    Seeing The Full Picture

    Today on Discover the Word, the team talks about jigsaw puzzles. When we first start out, individual pieces just look like little blobs of color with jagged edges. But the more pieces we get the clearer the real picture becomes. Discover how Jesus revealed Himself piece by piece when you listen today to Discover the Word!

    When The Numbers Don’t Add Up

    Two plus two equals four. Always. That’s the way the math works. But today on Discover the Word, the team will discuss “heavenly math” and how sometimes, when the numbers don’t seem to add up, we forgot to factor in God. Learn how your faith can grow when you listen today to Discover the Word!

    Caution And Faith Working Together

    As Christians, “stepping out in faith” is a part of our everyday language. But have you ever considered those who took the very first steps? Today on Discover the Word, we will help you get to know one of the very first people to respond to Jesus’s invitation, “follow Me.” How do caution and faith work together? […]

    Philip The “Cautious Disciple”

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained. That’s the lesson we’re learning today on Discover the Word. The team kicks off a new study on Jesus’s “cautious disciple,” Philip, and learns that when it comes to following Jesus, it’s worth taking some risks. Find the boldness to put your full trust in Christ when you listen today to Discover the Word!

    Asking The Right Questions

    Before a judge issues a verdict, all the evidence has to be considered! And today on Discover the Word, we consider the evidence that took Thomas, “The Disciple of Doubt” from skepticism to belief. Learn how your faith can grow when you start asking the right questions, today on Discover the Word!

    Doubting Thomas Taking The Lead

    Have you ever been in a situation where everyone was thinking the same thing, but no one was willing to say it? Today on Discover the Word, the team continues a study on Doubting Thomas, who took the lead and expressed the question on everyone’s mind. Learn how doubts can transform into faith when you listen today […]

    Asking The Awkward Questions

    Have you ever been around someone who spoke their mind a little too loudly? Today on Discover the Word, the team talks about “The Disciple of Doubt,” and his tendency to ask the awkward questions no one else would. Discover how Thomas’s questions moved him from skepticism to belief, when you listen today to Discover the Word!

    The Skeptic Who Believed

    The King of Rock and Roll, Honest Abe, and Doubting Thomas. Some nicknames just stick. But today on Discover the Word, we will reveal that Thomas’s story didn’t end in doubt. It ended in faith! Tune in to discover what we can learn from the “Disciple of Doubt,” today on Discover the Word!

    Thomas The “Disciple Of Doubt”

    Nicknames have a way of sticking with people. But few nicknames have been as enduring, or unfortunate as “Doubting Thomas.” Today on Discover the Word, we begin a study on the “Disciple of Doubt” by asking the question, was Thomas’s doubt a good thing? Learn how doubts can actually lead to greater faith when you listen today […]

    Discover Tangible Ways To Be A Grace Dispenser

    You may not recognize it immediately, but it’s entirely possible that the person standing right next to you is really struggling. Today on Discover the Word, our team, and special guest Philip Yancey, provide tangible ways to help those who are hurting. It starts with being willing dispensers of God’s grace. Don’t miss the conversation, today on Discover the Word!

    God Is Present In Our Suffering

    Where is God when painful circumstances lay us low? Today on Discover the Word, our team, and special guest and author Philip Yancey, suggest that God is more present in our suffering than we might think. Learn ways to accept comfort from the Lord and extend that comfort to others—to be a “Grace Dispenser,” today on Discover the Word!

    God’s Grace Extends To Both The Oppressed And The Oppressor

    Zacchaeus was a wee-little tax-collector with a big reputation, siding with a corrupt government to swindle his neighbors. Today on Discover the Word, our team and special guest Philip Yancey use this biblical portrait to reveal how God extends grace to both the oppressed and the oppressors. It’s a discussion that challenges our expectations . . . today on Discover the Word!

    Discover How To Become “Grace Dispensers”

    It’s easier to extend grace to those who share our beliefs, values, and common experiences—people we like. But we’ve all got some people who are, well just a little harder to love. Today on Discover the Word, the team, and special guest Philip Yancey discuss how God’s love influences how we interact with people we disagree […]

    Extending Grace To Those Who Deserve It Least

    In order to offer grace to others, we first need to receive God’s grace ourselves! Today on Discover the Word, the team and special guest Philip Yancey, take note of how Jesus extended grace to those who seemed to deserve it the least. It’s the start of an eye-opening discussion about becoming “Grace Dispensers,” today on Discover the Word!

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