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    When (Not) to Follow Your Feelings

    As Christians striving to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, we will encounter instances that require us to battle our flesh. It could be moments where we have to deliberately choose to act against our emotions

    To the Man Who Takes My Place

    I knew from the moment my question went unanswered. Up until that point, what I had to say always got her rapt attention above anybody else’s (you know, besides Jesus). For the past nine years, we’ve been inseparable.

    When My Parents Didn’t Like My Date

    With my Facebook newsfeed dominated by status updates of engagements, weddings, and babies, I thought it was best I got my act together or risk growing old alone.

    The Day My Boyfriend and I Fought

    I was so mad at my boyfriend―let’s call him “T”.

    God’s Will Isn’t Found in Books

    As Christians, we are known for believing that we are to follow what the Bible tells us to do. Sometimes, this gives others the impression that we serve a God who has an unending list of commands that we need to follow.

    How a Message on a T-Shirt Convinced Me to Break Up

    Like many other girls, I have wished for a boyfriend since primary school. However, because I was a shy bookworm, I only ever played the part of secret admirer. Then one day in high school, another student asked me out.

    When God Wasn’t My First Love

    It was during the time I was in university life, that I gave in to my own desires. Ben (not real name) and I had been good friends for three years when, in our final year, our friendship got a little more complicated.

    Why Did We Break Up?

    My boyfriend and I had marriage in mind when we first started dating. Hence, the possibility of us breaking up one day never crossed my mind.

    Is It Possible to Resist Sex in this Day and Age?

    I’m a real prude when it comes to sex, and my belief hasn’t come without costs. Friends and acquaintances have been known to give me strange looks when they learn about it.

    All Alone on Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day may be the season of love and romance for many, but for some of us, it brings pain. It could be a reminder of love lost through a recent break-up or rejection, or the loss of a loved one.

    Why We Spent 15 Years in the “Friend Zone”

    Yes, that’s the number of years my husband, Jonathan, and I knew each other before we got married. I guess you could consider us living examples of the saying, “The best relationships start off as friendships”.

    When I Failed to Plan for a Break-Up

    Most of us make plans for everything, from what we’d like to have for dinner to what goals we want to achieve in 10 years. But I had always taken this to the extreme.

    A Letter To My Future Wife

    Dear (Future) Wife, It’s the day after our wedding, doesn’t it feel surreal? Watching you walk down the aisle in your white gown yesterday, I couldn’t stop thanking God for bringing you into my life.

    Editor’s Picks: Top 3 Articles | Relationships

    Let’s just get it out there: Relationships are as important to us as the air that we breathe. Some of the most intense emotions we experience as human beings are tied to our relationship experiences.

    Dating: Are we getting it right?

    We’ve all heard about the “right” way in which we should go about dating, and have been taught what is right and wrong. And we teach the same lessons to others, or judge others by the same standards.