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    The Gospels

    The first four books of the New Testament — Matthew, Mark, Luke and John — are commonly known as “the Gospels.” These books explain the life and ministry of Jesus, and are the basis for most of the distinctive doctrines of Christianity.

    Jesus is making all things new

    Out with the old, in with the new! Today on Discover the Word, the team continues their study in the gospel of John, looking at how Jesus removes anything that stands in the way of our relationship with God, even if that “thing” is religion. Jesus is making all things new, and that includes you […]

    “The call to believe”

    Comics write jokes to get a laugh, news anchors write to share information, and the apostle John wrote to announce . . . what? Well, today on Discover the Word, the team kicks off a gripping new series examining John’s gospel and why he told the Jesus story the way he did. It’s a persuasive […]

    “Misunderstanding Martha”

    Do you ever feel misunderstood? Then you might be able to empathize with one of Jesus’s close friends when He was on earth—Martha. Today on Discover the Word, join the group as they open up Luke chapter 10 to uncover how we might have been, “Misunderstanding Martha” this whole time. Listen to Discover the Word today!

    Обзор Нового Завета

    Добро пожаловать на наш курс «Обзор Нового Завета»! Тема Нового Завета интересует многих, но возможно, далеко не каждый имеет ясное представление о том, как все его части гармонично соединяются в единое целое. В своём электронном курсе д-р Сид Баззелл даст нам общее представление об этой бессмертной и важной части Библии, делая это в доступной форме. Вместе с нами он будет изучать текст Писания, которое актуально и сегодня. Мы надеемся, что этот короткий курс вызовет у вас интерес к дальнейшему изучению Нового Завета.

    We can know for certain that God’s Word is true

    Skeptics give various reasons why the Bible is not reliable, including that 30- to 60-year time gap between when the events of Jesus’s ministry happened and when they were written down. Today on Discover the Word, we are joined by author and seminary professor Darrell Bock as they “mine the gap,”  showing why,  as Luke’s gospel […]

    The historical impact of Jesus’ lineage

    The genealogies in Scripture aren’t very exciting on their own. But when you consider the historical impact of those included in Jesus’ lineage you find stories that would rival the latest headlines. Today on a classic episode of “Discover the Word,” former hosts Haddon Robinson and Alice Mathews, along with author Dr. Ken Bailey, discuss the women found in the genealogies of Christ

    Behind the story of Zacchaeus

    If you attended Sunday school, you’ve likely heard the story of Zacchaeus, the little man who climbed up a tree in order to see Jesus. But there’s a lot more to this simple story than meets the eye! Join former “Discover the Word” hosts Haddon Robinson and Alice Mathews as they welcome Dr. Kenneth Bailey for a discussion about the cultural nuances behind the story of Zacchaeus. Join us for this special classic episode on “Discover the Word”!

    Jesus’ Blueprint For Prayer

    Communicating with God is as important to your spiritual well-being as breathing is to your physical life. Discover how you can develop and maintain a meaningful prayer life with Haddon Robinson’s practical and insightful study of “The Lord’s Prayer” in Matthew 6. Get a better understanding and a new perspective of one of the most beloved passages of the New Testament.

    Discover Mary Magdalene’s greatest “first” in history

    The past is filled with great men and women who were pioneers — “firsts” in their fields of science, politics, or the arts. But today we conclude our series on Mary Magdalene by discovering history’s greatest “first.”

    Discover new insights into the Easter story

    We all process grief differently. Some people become angry. Others may simply nurse a broken heart. Join us today as we discover how Mary Magdalene dealt with the death of her Savior.

    Seeing the crucifixion from Mary Magdalene’s point of view

    Imagine you are part of the group at the foot of Jesus’ cross. Who is in the crowd with you? See any familiar faces? Discover one disciple we may recognize at the scene and her point of view.

    What the Bible has to say about a misunderstood disciple of Jesus

    Lady of the evening? Curious spectator? Faithful disciple? Who exactly was Mary Magdalene? Get to know Mary better as you listen to today’s program.

    The Danger of False Teachers: Insights from Jude

    The words of some spiritual teachers can be very persuasive, yet something in the shadows of their message sounds an alarm. In this verse-by-verse study of Jude, author Bill Crowder examines the characteristics and methods of false teachers of all generations. Find out how you can identify wrong thinking and protect yourself and others from spiritual danger.

    Jesus cares for and redeems the people our world typically tosses aside

    Ever stopped to think about how much garbage we throw away? Once something stops being useful, into the trash it goes! An insightful conversation about a story in Mark chapter 5.