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    Wisdom From Ephesus: The Gospel of John, Part IV

    On the western coast of Turkey is one of the most stunning archaeological sites in the modern world, Ephesus.

    Joseph’s Story

    Watch Joseph’s Story. See how God turned this man’s life around.

    Bethlehem: Beyond the Christmas Story

    Join us on a fascinating tour of the city of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ. Hosts Jimmy DeYoung and Bonnie Keen will lead you on a journey to key locations throughout Bethlehem—from Manger Square to the Shepherds’ Fields. Gain a better understanding of the place where Christmas began and the impact that event still has […]

    The Promise of Christmas

    The Christmas story is the most repeated narrative in the Western world. It offers a promise of peace, yet 2,000 years later the world is still filled with human strife and suffering. Does this treasured story really give us a legitimate hope for peace, or is it just a myth? This program is not available […]

    A Christmas Journey to Freedom, Part 3

    A Christmas journey unlike any you have ever taken before—a special holiday presentation about the journey of a runaway slave taken along the Underground Railroad. Featuring soloist Wintley Phipps, author and professor Dr. Allen Callahan, and actress Gwendolyn Briley-Strand as Harriet Tubman in the dramatic presentation, “A Christmas Journey to Freedom.” Other parts in this […]