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    Mike Raiter – Penang Bible Conference 2018

    Join us as Rev Mike Raiter walks us through 4 Parables of Jesus – Parables of the Sower, the Pearl of Great Price, the Unforgiving Servant, and the Last Judgment. More details at https://ourdailybread.org/penangbc-2018/.

    Lord, I’m Yours: The Life of Billy Graham

    Join us as we explore the life of one of God’s faithful servants, Billy Graham…

    Wisdom From Ephesus: The Gospel of John, Part IV

    On the western coast of Turkey is one of the most stunning archaeological sites in the modern world, Ephesus.

    Joseph’s Story

    Watch Joseph’s Story. See how God turned this man’s life around.

    Bethlehem: Beyond the Christmas Story

    Join us on a fascinating tour of the city of Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ. Hosts Jimmy DeYoung and Bonnie Keen will lead you on a journey to key locations throughout Bethlehem—from Manger Square to the Shepherds’ Fields. Gain a better understanding of the place where Christmas began and the impact that event still has […]

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