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    Hidden Beauty

    Our children needed a little coaxing to believe that it was worth putting on snorkeling gear to peer beneath the surface of the Caribbean Sea off the shore of the island of Tobago. But after they dove in, they resurfaced ecstatic, “There are thousands of fish of all different kinds! It’s so beautiful! I’ve never seen such colorful fish!”

    Because the surface of the water looked similar to freshwater lakes near our home, our children could have missed the beauty hidden just below the surface.

    When the prophet Samuel went to Bethlehem to anoint one of Jesse’s sons to be the next…

    Sophia Blackmore’s Life Story

    Read more about Sophia Blackmore: https://ourdailybread.org/god-can-use-you/

    Mike Raiter – Penang Bible Conference 2018

    Join us as Rev Mike Raiter walks us through 4 Parables of Jesus – Parables of the Sower, the Pearl of Great Price, the Unforgiving Servant, and the Last Judgment. More details at https://ourdailybread.org/penangbc-2018/.

    Lord, I’m Yours: The Life of Billy Graham

    Join us as we explore the life of one of God’s faithful servants, Billy Graham…

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