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    The unique role of the Holy Spirit as our Helper

    Have you ever needed an attorney—an advocate to go before the judge on your behalf? It’s great to have someone help us when we can’t help ourselves. Today on Discover the Word, we will discuss the unique role of the Holy Spirit as our Helper, our Comforter, and our Advocate. Listen today on Discover the Word!

    How do you view the Holy Spirit?

    “May the force be with you!” is one of the most quoted lines from Star Wars. And it’s also how many people think about the Holy Spirit—as an impersonal force. Well, today on Discover the Word, the group will reveal why we believe the Holy Spirit is very much a person, not an “it”! Be […]

    “The Power of the Spirit”

    The Trinity—God being three-in-one—is a hard concept to grasp. On one level, it’s impossible to fully comprehend this divine mystery. And yet, each member of the Godhead has a unique place in our lives, including the Person of the Holy Spirit! Today on Discover the Word, the group will begin this week’s series called, “The […]

    What’s the one word you associate with the gospel?

    What one word do you associate with the gospel and salvation? Many would say “grace” or “rescue” or “forgiveness.” But there’s one word the New Testament uses that might surprise you! Today on Discover the Word, the group and guest Darrell Bock reveal what that word is and why we need to know it! Be part […]

    Set free from sinful habits and thought patterns

    Statistically, as many as two-thirds of released prisoners find themselves back in jail. Today on “Discover the Word,” our team, along with guest Karen Swanson, reveals how it is possible to be set free from habits and thought patterns and not go back to them. The conclusion of our series “We’re All Prisoners,” today on “Discover the Word”!

    The glory of the Holy Spirit brings life

    Today on “Discover the Word,” we’ll talk about how the glory of the law fades because it brings death and condemnation, but the new glory—the glory of the Spirit—brings life. Be part of the group as they finish their week-long study in Second Corinthians chapter 3, today on “Discover the Word”!

    The surpassing glory of the Holy Spirit

    Drop in about anywhere in a reading of the Old Testament, and you find that when God’s people broke the law, the law also broke them. Today on “Discover the Word,” we will dig further into our study in Second Corinthians where the apostle Paul contrasts the glory of the law and the surpassing glory of the Spirit. Join us today on “Discover the Word”!

    Being spiritual; not religious

    We often hear people say, “I’m spiritual but not religious,” which is often a reaction against the institutional church. But people in the church sometimes say the same thing. Today on “Discover the Word,” we will discuss the apostle Paul’s depiction of spirituality. Would Paul say he’s “spiritual but not religious?”

    How to let God’s love shine

    As Christians, I think we’d rather be known for what we’re for, than what we’re against. Today on “Discover the Word,” we’ll talk about how we’re a greater witness to people when we allow the love of God to shine through our transformed hearts than when we try and impose our standards of moral conduct upon them.

    Trusting God to finish the work He began

    Date: Monday, February 15, 2016 Title: Discovering the Word, part 1 of 5 Text: 2 Corinthians 3 Have you ever wondered how Paul could send a reference letter commending the believers in Corinth when they were such a mess? Today on Discover the Word, we begin this week’s discussion based in Paul’s second letter to the […]

    The power of the Scriptures

    What does the apostle Paul mean when he says all Scripture is “inspired,” or “God breathed”? Today on “Discover the Word,” we will discuss why it’s important for us to read the Bible with a listening ear to the Holy Spirit. The Bible is not static, it’s alive and powerful. Don’t miss the discussion!

    What does it mean to have a “high view of Scripture”

    The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. But it’s far more than a book of great literature or high moral concepts. Today we begin our discussion on “Discovering the Bible” by emphasizing the necessity of approaching the Bible with a “high view.” Learn what it means to have a “high view of Scripture” when you join the group today on “Discover the Word”!

    Our fight is not against flesh and blood . . .

    Ephesians 6:12 tells us: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Steeped in the occult and a life of crime, Carlos wasn’t even sure God existed. Kathy’s mother mixed Christianity with […]

    Transformed in His Image

    In a society that has seemingly dismissed the issues of the heart, outward appearances have become the source of determining beauty and self-worth. This excerpt from Regina Franklin’s book Who Calls Me Beautiful? offers insights to help you recognize the value of your identity in God. Discover how you can get your heart in the...

    Driving for Peace

    My carpenter friend accidentally cut off a car as he made a lane change. The man driving the car came alongside my friend’s vehicle, shook his fist in anger, and sped off. My friend felt bad and wanted to somehow atone for his driving mistake.