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    Holiness—Set Apart in Christ

    Holy is a word that’s often misunderstood in our day, no doubt in part because it’s sometimes used negatively to call someone “holier than thou”—a statement of a person’s arrogance about their moral superiority. So, setting aside that negative view, why is it important for believers in Jesus to understand holiness?

    In both the Old and New Testaments, the primary words…

    Building Community

    God calls us to have hearts of humility, forgiveness, and love toward one another in our communities(EPHESIANS 4:32; 5:21;
    1 PETER 5:5). Being part of the body of Christ is about “one another” and not just “me.”

    SERVE TOGETHER: Spur one another on toward love and good deeds. (HEBREWS 10:24)

    • There are needs all around you. Ask God what…

    MM Ways To Donate

    Ways To Give

    Our Daily Bread Ministries Myanmar is not funded or endowed by any group or denomination, nor do we receive any funding from our United States office. Instead, we rely on the support from individuals in both Myanmar and elsewhere to continue in our ministry to God’s people here. Join us in our mission of making the life-changing…

    Led by the Spirit

    The teaching about the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity, is at the core of the Christian faith. Included in this teaching is the Spirit’s leading in our lives, for He guides us in our everyday living.

    On Top of Mount Moriah, a Promise Unbroken

    By: Marlia Kusuma Dewi 

    Abraham shivered as he woke up in the early morning. The dew that usually cooled his soul felt like ice on his skin. The darkness was not a peaceful moment for him, but a cloak that suffocated his chest. His heart was racing fast. “Why do I have to surrender the child I love, the child I…

    Growing in Christ

    What does it mean to experience spiritual growth in Jesus? As believers in Him, we’re called to pursue maturity of faith, repentance, and more.

    For the Sake of the Gospel

    The year was 1917. At only twenty-three years of age, Nelson had just graduated from medical school in his native Virginia. And yet here he was in China as the new superintendent of the Love and Mercy Hospital, the only hospital in an area of at least two million Chinese residents. Nelson, together with his family, lived in the area for twenty-four more years, running the hospital, performing surgeries, and sharing the gospel with thousands of people. From once being called “foreign devil” by those who distrusted foreigners, Nelson Bell later became known as “the Bell who is Lover of…

    Sister to Brother

    When a leader asked if I’d speak with her privately, I found Karen in the retreat center counseling room red-eyed and wet-cheeked. Forty-two years old, Karen longed to be married, and a man was currently showing her interest. The problem was this man was her boss—and he already had a wife.

    With a brother who cruelly teased her and a father devoid of affection, Karen discovered early that she was susceptible to men’s advances. A renewal of faith had given her new boundaries to live by, but her longing remained and this glimpse of a love she couldn’t have was a…

    Walk On

    Walk On is the fascinating memoir of Ben Malcolmson, a student with virtually no football experience who became a “walk on”—a non-recruited player—for the 2007 University of Southern California Rose Bowl champion team. A college journalist, Malcolmson decided to write a first-person account of the grueling tryout process. To his disbelief, he won a coveted spot on the team.

    After joining the team, Malcolmson’s faith compelled him to find God’s purpose for him in this unexpected opportunity. But his teammates’ indifference to discussions of faith left him discouraged. As he prayed for direction, Malcolmson read the powerful reminder in Isaiah where God…

    Trusting God’s Foresight

    While driving us to an unfamiliar location, my husband noticed that the GPS directions suddenly seemed wrong. After entering a reliable four-lane highway, we were advised to exit and travel along a one-lane “frontage” road running parallel to us. “I’ll just trust it,” Dan said, despite seeing no delays. After about ten miles, however, the traffic on the highway next to us slowed to a near standstill. The trouble? Major construction. And the frontage road? With little traffic, it provided a clear path to our destination. “I couldn’t see ahead,” Dan said, “but the GPS could.” Or, as we agreed,…

    Fleeing from Turkeys

    Two wild turkeys stood in the country lane ahead. How close could I get? I wondered. I slowed my jog to a walk, then stopped. It worked. The turkeys walked toward me . . . and kept coming. In seconds their heads were bobbing at my waist, then behind me. How sharp were those beaks? I ran away. They waddled after me before giving up the chase. 

    How quickly the tables had turned! The hunted became the hunter when the turkeys seized the initiative. Foolishly I wondered if they were too dumb to be scared. I wasn’t about to be carelessly wounded…

    Life Expectancy

    In 1990, French researchers had a computer problem: a data error when processing the age of Jeanne Calment. She was 115 years old, an age outside the parameters of the software program. The programmers had assumed no one could possibly live that long! In fact, Jeanne lived until the age of 122.

    The psalmist writes “our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures” (Psalm 90:10), a figurative way of saying whatever age we live to, even to the age of Jeanne Calment, our lives on earth are indeed limited. Our lifetimes are in the sovereign hands…

    Your Part, God’s Part

    When my friend Janice was asked to manage her department at work after just a few years, she felt overwhelmed. Praying over it, she felt God was prompting her to accept the appointment—but still, she feared she couldn’t cope with the responsibility. “How could I lead with so little experience?” she asked God. “Why put me here if I’m going to be a failure?”

    Later, Janice was reading God’s call of Abraham in Genesis 12 and noted Abraham’s part: “Go . . . to the land I will show you. . . . So Abram went” (vv. 1, 4). This was…

    Happy Thanksgiving

    A study by Robert Emmons divided volunteers into three groups that each made weekly entries in journals. One group wrote five things they were grateful for. One described five daily hassles. And a control group listed five events that had impacted them in a small way. The results of the study reveal that those in the gratitude group felt better about their lives overall, were more optimistic about the future, and reported fewer health problems.

    Giving thanks has a way of changing the way we look at life. Thanks-giving can even make us happier.

    The Bible has long extolled the benefits of…

    The Power of Scripture

    Stephen was an up-and-coming comedian, and a prodigal. Raised in a Christian family, he struggled with doubt after his dad and two brothers died in a plane crash. By his early twenties, he’d lost his faith. He found it one night on the frigid streets of Chicago. A stranger gave him a pocket New Testament, and Stephen cracked open the pages. An index said those struggling with anxiety should read Matthew 6:27–34, from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.

    Stephen turned there, and the words kindled a fire in his heart. He recalls, “I was absolutely, immediately lightened. I stood on the…