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    The End of Days and the Mount of Olives

    The Mount of Olives is one of the Bible’s most significant locations. It was here that Jesus taught His disciples to pray, where He was arrested and led off to judgment, and where His disciples watched Him ascend into heaven after His resurrection. And in the days to come—on a date unknown to us—this is where Jesus will return to judge the nations and establish peace. Visit this most important site: the Mount of Olives. Hear what those who live here have to say about the end of days and the role the Mount of Olives will play in God’s rescue—God’s peace plan for all people.

    Runtime: 26 minutes

    A Dummy’s Guide to Facing the Apocalypse

    Apocalypse. The word conjures many scenarios, with the most popular ones involving zombies and nukes. Sorry, zombie fans, we’re not talking about that kind of apocalypse.

    Our Lord’s Surprise Visits

    You also be ready… —Luke 12:40

    A Christian worker’s greatest need is a readiness to face Jesus Christ at any and every turn. This is not easy, no matter what our experience has been. This battle is not against sin, difficulties, or circumstances, but against being so absorbed in our service to Jesus Christ that we…

    Jesus the Messiah: Unlocking Old Testament Prophecy

    The ancient Hebrew Scriptures predict the coming of a Messiah, who will rescue His people and bring peace and justice to the world. Throughout the centuries, Jesus’ followers have claimed that hundreds of these prophecies were fulfilled in Him. But where are those predictions and how can we uncover their true meaning? Jesus the Messiah: Unlocking Old Testament Prophecy, on this Day of Discovery.

    Approximate runtime: 26 minutes

    The Future & The Three Faiths of Jerusalem, Part VII

    In Jerusalem, three major world religions confess that there is one true God. Each has a hope for the future. Yet down through the centuries, followers of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have often been at war with one another and even with themselves. Can any religion with a history of conflict offer hope to the world?

    Runtime: 26 minutes

    Our Lord’s Surprise Visits

    A Christian worker’s greatest need is a readiness to face Jesus Christ at any and every turn. This is not easy, no matter what our experience has been. This battle is not against sin, difficulties, or circumstances, but against being so absorbed in our service to Jesus Christ that we are not ready to face Jesus Himself at every turn. The greatest need is not facing our beliefs or doctrines, or even facing the question of whether or not we are of any use to Him, but the need is to face Him.

    Better Or Worse?

    At the beginning of each new year, experts give their predictions about the economy, politics, weather, and a host of other topics. Will there be war or peace? Poverty or prosperity? Progress or stagnation? People everywhere are hoping that this year will be better than last, but no one knows what will happen.

    The Return of Christ

    Why do so many people believe that the return of Christ could happen at any moment? The One who millions call Savior said He would appear like lightning in the sky after the sun and the moon had stopped shining. But the world has not yet experienced the Armageddon predicted by the Bible. So why do some continue to say, “Jesus could return today.” In a Jerusalem upper room traditionally used to remember the promise of Christ’s return, hosts Mart De Haan and Jimmy DeYoung have come to explore the timing of Jesus’ promise to return. Discover more about “The Return of Christ.”

    Signs of the End Times

    Are you ready for Christ’s return? For 2,000 years, followers of Christ have been looking for His prophesied reappearance. Could the heightened turmoil in today’s world be a sign that it is imminent? What should we be looking for? Hosts Mart DeHaan and Jimmy DeYoung explore what the Bible says about Christ’s return. If He is coming soon, we should all be ready.

    Contained But Not Extinguished

    In June 2012, the Waldo Canyon fire destroyed 346 homes in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and burned more than 18,000 acres of mountain forest. The fire was declared 100-percent contained when perimeter lines had been built around the entire area of the blaze.

    The Blessed Hope

    So many predictions of the end of the world have come and gone. Those predictions are unsettling and often fill people with fear. Yet the Bible does refer to a time called “the day of the Lord” when He will return. It will happen, but only God knows when.

    Read Backwards

    I confess that I sometimes read the end of a book before I read the beginning. Doing so allows me to know which characters live and which characters don’t. When I know how it will turn out, I’m able to relax and thoroughly appreciate and enjoy the story and the characters.

    Eternal Eyesight

    I received good news at my eye checkup last month—my faraway vision has improved. Well, I thought it was good news until a friend informed me: “Faraway vision can improve as we age; close-up vision may diminish.”

    Plowshare Christmas

    In his book Christmas 1945, Matthew Litt tells about the first peacetime Christmas celebration in the US after World War II. The New York Daily News alerted readers to expect a fleet of warships in New York Harbor: “Christmas Day will find a mighty armada, consisting of 4 battleships, 6 carriers, 7 cruisers, and 24 destroyers.” But instead of waging war, the military ships hosted 1,000 needy children.

    Twenty-Seven Percent

    People’s attitudes toward Bible prophecy vary widely. Some believers are so preoccupied with it that they are constantly talking about the latest world events, thinking they are biblical signs that Christ could return at any moment. Others are so casual in their view of prophecy that it seems as if they don’t believe it’s relevant to the Christian life at all.