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    Let’s gather around the table to study the life of Ruth

    Sometimes loving God with all your heart looks a lot like you’re “breaking the rules”! Join our special guest Carolyn Custis James as we continue our series on the life of Ruth and explore those times when it seems like the letter of the law is in conflict with the spirit of the law.

    How God answered the prayer of a hurting mother

    When we asked God honest questions, He sometimes answers us in unexpected ways. Listen in today as we explore “the gospel of Ruth”!

    A candid reaction to trials and God’s loving response to the pain

    Scripture doesn’t sugarcoat suffering. The Bible is fearlessly honest when it shows us real-life responses to painful situations. Listen in today for an encouraging study as we continue following Ruth and her story.

    Discover where God is when bad things happen

    Where is God when life falls apart? It’s an honest question we all ask in times of suffering. Join us as we study the Old Testament story of Ruth and Naomi to discover the answer to this question.

    Strap on the sandals of Naomi as we journey through the book of Ruth

    It’s been said that the best way to understand someone is to walk a mile in their shoes. So today you are invited to strap on the sandals of Naomi. Discover how the book of Ruth is as much Naomi’s story.

    Join us for a game-changing discussion about Ruth

    We can learn a lot from the prominent men in the Bible: guys like David, Paul, and Peter. But the women of Scripture can have just as much of an impact! Today our special guest Carolyn James starts a new study with us on the radical and surprising story of Ruth.

    Trail Trees

    In recent years, my daughter has become fascinated with the history of the indigenous people in northern Michigan where she lives. One summer afternoon when I was visiting, she showed me a road that had a sign designating “Trail Trees.” She explained to me that it’s believed that long ago the Native Americans bent young trees to point the way to specific destinations and that they continued to grow in an unusual shape.

    Who was the wisest person who ever lived?

    Was the illustrious King Solomon the wisest person who ever lived? Join us for the conclusion of our study on Solomon as we discover that Jesus is the one who possessed all truth and insight!

    The danger of replacing a relationship with God with the pursuit of wisdom

    Solomon’s life is a reminder that you can be the wisest person on the planet and still make foolish mistakes. Today we continue learning from the story of Solomon.

    Discover how wisdom is given freely to those who ask

    Trace a wide and winding river backwards and you’ll find it originates from a single spring. Today we’ll look past the overwhelming wisdom displayed by Solomon to study the Source of his knowledge.

    Find out what comes first: wisdom or knowledge

    Wisdom and knowledge seem to be two distinct things. And yet, they also appear to be intertwined. Join us as we unravel the question by continuing our study of Solomon.

    How can we learn from Solomon’s radical display of God-given wisdom?

    God had graciously given Solomon wisdom and that gift was put to the test in a difficult case involving two prostitutes with babies!

    Discover the important relational element of wisdom

    When they hear the word “wisdom,” a lot of people envision a collection of facts and figures that is stored up in our head. But there is a practical side to wisdom — its relational element!

    Let’s learn from a man who found wisdom in his sleep

    People look for it in school, in books, or in real-life experiences, but still may never find it. So the question is, where do we find wisdom? Join our discussion as we begin a new study on “The Wisdom of Solomon.”

    How to leave a legacy that matters

    The things we value, the words we say, the way we live — it’s all used to build a legacy for those we’ll one day leave behind. Join us for our last study of Psalm 71.