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    Opening Doors

    Charlie Sifford is an important name in American sports. He became the first African-American playing member of the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Tour, joining a sport that, until 1961, had a “whites only” clause in its by-laws. Enduring racial injustice and harassment, Sifford earned his place at the game’s highest level, won two tournaments, and in 2004 was the first African-American inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Charlie Sifford opened the doors of professional golf for players of all ethnicities.

    Opening doors is also a theme at the heart of the gospel mission. Jesus said, “Therefore go and make…

    Real People, Real God

    Several years ago I received a letter from an Our Daily Bread reader after I had written about a family tragedy. “When you told about your tragedy,” this person wrote, “I realized that the writers were real people with real problems.” How true that is! I look across the list of men and women who pen these articles, and I see cancer and wayward children and unfulfilled dreams and many other kinds of loss. We are indeed just regular, real people writing about a real God who understands our real problems.

    The apostle Paul stands out in the Real People Hall of…

    An insightful summary of the greatest book ever written

    Remember writing book reports for school? The first question you always had to answer was, “What is this book about?” Find out what the Bible is all about.

    Hope for dark times is found in knowing our place in God’s redemption story!

    The Bible tells us Jesus came to rescue us from the oppressive powers of sin and death. So why do we often feel like we’re still held captive?

    Gain a BIG picture of God’s Word

    The romance in Ruth, the mystery in Revelation, the wonder in the Gospels; the Bible certainly contains many fascinating stories. Let’s take a step back and discover that the whole of Scripture is an epic, remarkable, and redemptive story!

    Living the gospel, so that others can see Christ

    Sweaty palms and a knot in the stomach. That’s the reaction many of us have when it comes to sharing our faith. Let’s take the fear and worry out of evangelism. We don’t need to shout the gospel from the street corner to be a powerful witness.

    Faithfully delivering the good news, and leaving the results up to God

    Sharing our faith doesn’t always go as planned. We’d like to see someone accept Jesus the moment we present the gospel. But that’s not always the case.

    What seems impossible to us is not impossible with God!

    Have you ever prayed that a loved one would come to know Jesus, only to see that person move farther and farther away from God? Be encouraged to keep praying, and sharing the Savior.

    One of the most important ways God reveals Himself to us, and to others

    Our days are often crammed with tasks, errands, and the routine responsibilities that have to get done. Let’s leave a little room in our lives to experience wonder!

    How embracing doubt can actually lead people to embrace the Savior!

    When telling others about Christ, we often try to remove all uncertainty from their minds. We believe that doubt prevents people from coming to faith. Our series on evangelism continues.

    A guilt-free look at evangelism

    This world can be a very dark place. But it’s in the shadows that Christians can shine the brightest! “Shine” for Christ, regardless of how strong or weak our light may be.

    When it comes to sharing the gospel, we never work alone

    How many Christians does it take to lead someone else to Christ? The answer is more than one! Be here for an encouraging conversation about sharing the gospel.

    How to build a bridge into someone else’s world, and bring the hope of Jesus to them

    It’s not uncommon to find walls erected around someone’s heart. These barriers make reaching people with the love of God a bit more difficult. A timely message of hope from the group.

    A powerful way for parents to share their faith with their children

    Mom and Dad, do you realize God’s given you a personal mission field? It’s those people living under your roof! Our series on evangelism continues.

    Find out how our personal vulnerability makes the gospel attractive

    Do you feel unqualified to share your faith? Feel like your weaknesses and flaws prohibit you from evangelism? If that’s the way you feel, you’re exactly the person God can use!