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    Who is like the Lord?

    You can compare apples to apples. Some people even compare apples to oranges to discover value. But how do you compare something that has no comparison? Today we study the impossible question: “Who is like the Lord?”

    How is God’s righteousness good news?

    When we hear the phrase “God’s righteousness,” it could bring up some negative images. We can even picture an angry God looking to hammer us into submission! But today we will discuss why God’s righteousness is worth sharing!

    Psalm 71, the prayer of an old man

    When you come to the end of your life, what final message would you like to leave your children, grandchildren, or the people you leave behind? Join us as we study an old man’s prayer and the legacy he wanted to leave behind.

    How to stay encouraged when going through dark valleys

    Following God means we’re never standing still for long. The walk of faith is a constant journey. When walking through dark valleys, remember, hope is just ahead!

    Discover how to work through desperate times by remembering happy memories

    How do you work through desperate times in your life? Join us as we discuss how remembering the good times of yesterday can give us hope in our tomorrows.

    How to escape from persistent troubles

    Have there been times in your life when it feels like for every step you take forward, you’re forced to take two steps back? After a while, life can feel like a relentless chore! Here is an encouraging look at a place where we can escape that helplessness.

    Isaiah’s depiction of Jesus as “Mighty God”

    Long before any costumed characters wearing tights and capes flew onto the scene, the Bible described a real life Superhero! See how Christ is our greatest hero.

    The conclusion of our study in the book of Job with a message of hope

    Job’s story has a bittersweet ending. While he wound up with more than he had before, could his new blessings ever replace all that he had lost?

    How to gain wisdom when handling both victories and losses with grace

    No matter how smart we are, we won’t win every argument. So how can we be humble when we win and gracious when we lose? Let’s study the book of Job.

    Let’s look at the probing questions God asked Job, in order to reveal the truth of who God is!

    The ancient philosopher Socrates was known for using insightful questions to arrive at truth. But God was using this method long before Socrates showed up! Our study of the life of Job continues.

    Discover why suffering is not always the result of sin

    We often equate pain with punishment. When something goes wrong in our life, we often assume it’s because we did something wrong. Let’s study the example of Job, which challenges our thoughts about both justice and mercy.

    Why it’s fruitful to believe that God knows us individually

    Faith means trusting that God knows how much we can handle, even when we’re in the midst of difficult circumstances. Perhaps you’re wondering if your trial is more than you can bear.

    A challenging yet encouraging study on the book of Job

    The story of Job brings up a lot of questions, like, “Why would God let all that happen to such a good guy?” Let’s jump back into a study in the book of Job.

    Let’s tackle the question “Where is God when I hurt?”

    With so much pain and brokenness in the world, have you ever felt like God is indifferent to suffering? Like He knows where we’re hurting, but still remains distant? More from our study in Job.

    Job’s place in Scripture, and the lessons we can learn from this story of faith

    Compared to the uplifting or encouraging books of the Bible, the book of Job seems to stand out like a sore thumb.