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    Anxious Faith

    About the Podcast

    Mental Health is a huge issue in Australia – and anxiety is one of the most prevalent issues. One in four Aussies will suffer from an anxiety condition during their lifetime; one in seven are suffering right now.

    As Christians, we’re not immune to mental health challenges. But how do we reconcile our faith with anxiety?

    Over five episodes,…

    Mercy & Justice with Bill Crowder

    It’s been a difficult 18 months with lockdowns, restrictions and online church for many people. One of the things we’ve missed is holding our Bible Teaching events – times where we can come together with our readers and learn from God’s Word. Thankfully, Our Daily Bread writer and author Bill Crowder has stepped in to fill this gap and has…

    Mum, you're not alone

    Mum, You're not alone

    What is the most challenging job in the world? Many have said it is being a mother, if it is ever considered a “job”. But while it’s not a job in the strict sense of the word, it is nevertheless a tough endeavour. Motherhood is a blessing, but sometimes, it can be a lonely one too.

    For some,…

    Love - All the Difference

    “Write something about love,” said my editor. 

    Oh sure. That’ll be easy (extreme sarcasm). Should I write about how I’ve failed in love? Or how I’ve been disappointed by it? Take your pick. I’ve got a lot of material to draw on. 

    This isn’t to say I don’t have a loving family. I do. It’s just that despite appearances, my life is…

    Get Up and Walk

    Accra, Ghana, situated on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, is vibrant and growing. An integral part of the city’s bustling scene is its street vendors. They’re everywhere! It’s how business gets done. Representing (mostly) legit entrepreneurs, these hawkers sell just about anything that could be sold in a traditional store; they just do it by the roadside. Once…

    Christmas in a Pandemic

    COVID-19 has struck again, this time in New South Wales, throwing Christmas travel plans and celebrations into disarray. 

    The short window of open borders, family reunions, and no quarantine period for many travellers is over, and parts of Australia are set to return to the ‘new-norm’ of restrictions, lockdowns, border closures, and self-isolation. 

    The global pandemic is certainly making it difficult to…

    Competing to Win

    This weekend will be a feast for sports fans with two grand finals on consecutive days—the AFL on Saturday and the NRL on Sunday. Four teams battling it out to win the main prize and be crowned 2020 champions. Years of hard training, commitment, and sacrifice come down to just one game.

    Does the Bible have anything to say about sport?…

    A Mum's Lesson from Lockdown School

    It's now been over five months since our family (and many others) commenced the era of perpetual staying at home. We work from home; order everything but our groceries to be delivered at home; leave the house only to exercise within five kilometres of our home; and day after repetitive day, we educate our children at home. 

    Home education has been…

    God Sets the Times

    What a trying time we are in! Just as things appeared to be getting better, life just got challenging again.

    In Melbourne, the lockdown restrictions and curfew have been extended, and those who have been clinging to the hope of returning to work will have to wait that little bit longer. Businesses which have been hanging on now face the very…

    Stand Still And Wait For God

    Do you find it hard to stand still? To wait upon the Lord? As a mother of five, I’ve always dreamed about standing still, or sitting still. But when I do have to stand still, to wait upon God, I get restless. 

    Right now, many of us have lost jobs, or we are now working from home, and we can’t visit…

    Christ in a Curfew

    by Jon Coombs

    Our city has now been under a curfew for a week.

    What an amazing sentence to write.

    I’ve always figured that to be under curfew would mean I was living in a country under martial law or something similar; where there would be the threat of violence and war.

    Even living in the Middle East for a couple…

    The Elderly and COVID-19

    The COVID-19 statistics look grim for the elderly, not just in Australia, but worldwide. How should we respond as Christians to this danger? Former pastor David Roberston, shares his thoughts about his elderly parents, and as someone who has underlying health conditions.

    The question came: “Could you write an article about what it’s like to be over 60 and concerned about…

    5 Unexpected Lessons COVID-19 Taught me

    COVID-19 is a difficult but masterful teacher. On March 29, my wife and I tested positive for the virus. When our doctors called us with our test results, we experienced a wide range of intense emotions: sadness, discouragement, and fear. As I brooded over my coronavirus experience, God taught several unexpected lessons.

    It started when our middle son, Micah, came home…

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