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    2023 December Letter

    Dear Friend,

    Every day, people across the Asia-Pacific region are connecting with God through His Word. Let me share some of their stories with you. Each one testifies to the life, strength, and hope that the Holy Spirit plants in us as we engage with the Bible.

    In Thailand, Kornkajee is undergoing treatment for cancer, in what she calls a “time…

    Filling Our Bellies with the Bible

    My friend, Jim, was a remarkably disciplined person. He exercised daily, kept his weight in check, rarely missed a Sunday at church, and strictly followed a read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year plan. So I was surprised when he told me that he felt stagnant in his spiritual growth.

    Jim had been a Christian for ten years and recalled his early years in the faith…

    The Strength of Weakness

    Author and businessman Harvey Mackay told the story of a ten-year-old boy named Mark who wanted to study judo despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in an automobile accident. Mark began his lessons with a Japanese judo master and was doing well. But after three months had passed and he had only been taught one move,…

    Mothers of the Bible

    Today we honour all the mothers: mothers that have passed, those longing to have children, mothers who’ve lost children, adoptive mothers, foster mothers, birth mothers, surrogate mothers, mothers in spirit.  

    In this article, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the lives of four women from the Bible who each had a different experience of motherhood. Their lives, through…

    NZ Opportunities

    Our office in New Zealand currently has an employment opportunities to join us in our mission of making the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to more people in New Zealand and beyond.

    Ministry Coordinator Auckland

    Part Time or Full Time

    About the Organisation

    Our Daily Bread Ministries exists to make the life-changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all.…

    ANZAC Day: The Story of an Army Chaplain

    The call for a “padre” rang out down the line. Some poor “digger” (the colloquial term for an Australian soldier) had died and a chaplain was needed for the burial service.

    Joseph John Booth answered the call and made his way to the forward point on the line, his heart surely pounding in his chest. It was only his second evening…

    Glory: When Christ Joins Us in Our Mess

    I’ll admit it: I’m a Manchester United fan. Like any sports fans, we have anthems that we love to sing as we cheer our team on. One of my favourites goes, “Glory glory Man United… as the reds go marching on.” I love it when we win the Premier League or a big cup competition. After the team is crowned…

    How to Donate Online

    How to Donate Online - Australia


    With the changes to receiving credit card donations sent in via the post, we have created this short video to show you how to make a donation online using your credit card.


    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzenRrZzhuw&w=560&h=315]


    donate via credit card

    What Happens When We Rest: Pausing and Praying

    There’s a very entertaining scene in the film ‘Mr. Bean’s Holiday’ that resonates with me and probably most of us. Bean is on a long drive in his classic Mini and he’s desperately trying to stay awake. He goes through all the typical methods like having the windows down, putting on loud music and slapping his own face, but then…

    How We Rest: Relinquishing and Trusting

    A good friend of mine is an officer on a merchant ship. One night they were sailing across the North Atlantic and the dreaded alarm rang: “Man Overboard”. My friend was the officer in charge of the rescue so he and a few other crew launched a lifeboat into the pitch-black darkness of a cold Atlantic night. Hope was almost…

    Why We Rest: God Works to Give Us Rest

    Our Father is not only generous in giving us the gift of rest, He’s actually so eager to give us the gift of rest that He’s willing to work so that we can enjoy it. God works so that we can rest. We can see this play out when God works to rescue His people from slavery in Egypt. 

    In Egypt,…

    What Rest Is: Stop and Smell the Roses

    When the Bible talks about our rest, it actually starts by talking about God’s rest. In Exodus 20:8-11, when God’s people were told to stop and rest (the command to remember the sabbath), they were pointed back to the rest that God enjoyed after creating the universe. 

    Our starting point for thinking about rest is to see that rest is something…

    Invitation to Rest

    His life was fraying at the edges. His emotions were stretched and his soul was brittle. He felt like a fence that could topple over with one small push. He didn’t just need a break for a moment. No amount of leisure time or holiday would fix the issue; he needed rest for his soul and restoration for his spirit. 


    Our Father In Heaven

    by Sheridan Voysey

    The ‘Lord’s Prayer’, as it has come to be known, sits at the centre of the Sermon on the Mount. It’s possible to see it as a way of summing up the teachings of Jesus’ sermon and as a prayer to ask God to help us put those teachings into action. This prayer gives not only time-tested guidance…

    New Zealand Floods: A Time to Work

    A Time to Work


    There are many parts that make up a good response to natural disasters. There are times to donate, times to reflect, times to pray, times to prevent, times to lament. The time during or immediately after a disaster is a time to act with our hands and feet. It is a time to work hard and…