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    Charity Name: Our Daily Bread Ministries Trust

    Charity Number: 327384

    Charity Address: Our Daily Bread Ministries, PO Box 1, Millhead, Carnforth, LA5 9ES

    He Hears Us

    Prayers from an ever-changing world to a never-changing God

    Life can feel overwhelming and uncertain. There are many voices warning us of hard times ahead and we can naturally feel worried and anxious. But we can find comfort in a God who hears our prayers and cares about what concerns us. This selection of short prayers will help you to take…

    Our Daily Bread Teen Introductory Edition

    The Our Daily Bread Teen Editions are all about helping teenagers get stuck into the Bible! This sample copy, including three months of short daily readings will help them find out more about who God is, what difference He really makes and all the important truths the Bible has to say to them.

    Knowing God in the Everyday

    Deep within us is a restless need to know the One who made us. Yet perhaps your time with Him has been slowly taken over by other things. Maybe each day is being drained by the challenges and demands of our 'new normal', and you’re wondering where the spark has gone.

    That’s why we have created this little booklet for…

    John: The Disciple Jesus Loved (CD)

    Listen to the inspiring talks from our Bible conference earlier this year. Bible teacher and Our Daily Bread writer Bill Crowder explores the life of Jesus through the eyes of John, “the disciple whom Jesus loved”. From following the Lamb (John 1:35-42) to witnessing the cross (19:23-30), John’s perspective will help you gain a fresh perspective on the love Jesus has…

    The Search for Meaning: Science & God (DVD)

    Many pit science against God, saying they are incompatible. Do we have to choose or can we intellectually believe in both?

    In Science & God, author and social critic Os Guinness talks with Oxford University Professor of Mathematics John Lennox as they explore this tension together. Lennox looks at both historical and contemporary explanations of the universe, using simple illustrations…