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    3 Unexpected Benefits of Being the Third Wheel

    Are you a third wheel (or light bulb, as it is known in some cultures)? For those clueless about what this is, a third wheel is a person who hangs out with a couple—and who can become an awkward addition to a romantic date.

    To All Christian Single Guys . . .

    There is nothing wrong with being single. Yes, you read this right: There’s nothing wrong with you if you are not married or attached—or, for that matter, if you have never been in a relationship. Sure, God created us with the desire for love and companionship.

    Is It Possible to Resist Sex in this Day and Age?

    I’m a real prude when it comes to sex, and my belief hasn’t come without costs. Friends and acquaintances have been known to give me strange looks when they learn about it.

    Waiting for God’s Timing

    Any single lady will eventually come to a point in life where she questions whether the guy she is dating is the one she wants as her life partner. The same is true for guys. Unless you have the gift of celibacy, there will always be this aching desire within you […]