Growing up in a good Christian home, in western NY and a good Bible believing and preaching church, our church ordered and made available a supply of Our Daily Bread devotionals to the church family. My parents availed themselves of it so that I grew up with Our Daily Bread and we also listened to Dr. M. R. DeHaan on the radio. Being now in my 60’s and having pastored for some 30 years, my wife and I still use Our Daily Bread for our daily devotions and our church orders and provides a supply of them for our church family. We also are trained and certified biblical counselors and we recommend Our Daily Bread for the assignments we give our counselees to have a daily devotional time. I’ve recommended Our Daily Bread Ministries materials to many for many years as I tell people that Our Daily Bread Ministries is one Christian organization that I never have any reservations about because I know that anything they produce and/or publish will be solidly biblical. Thank you for faithfulness to our Lord in continuing to produce Our Daily Bread and so many other excellent and edifying resources. May the Lord keep richly blessing and using you for His glory.

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