My husband and I relocated from a Chicago suburb to Southaven, MS in November of 2016.
4 days after Christmas I was on my way home from the gym in my beloved 2015 slate gray Hyundai Sonata when a car came barreling towards me over a hill in my lane.
I didn’t have time to react. My car spun around and I was facing the direction I had just come from. Several strangers stopped to help and stayed with me until police and my husband arrived. These witnesses told police the driver of the other car was going about 75 and trying to pass several cars at once on this 2 lane road.
I walked away from this accident without a scratch. Some neck and shoulder pain. My car was a total loss.
I saw a orthopedist about my shoulder and he ordered an MRI. The doctor said he wasn’t concerned about my shoulder but rather a goiter on my neck. He advised me to see my primary doctor asap. I was diagnosed with stage 1 thyroid cancer. Had it not been for the accident only God knows when it would have been discovered.
I have since had a thyroidectomy. A full body scan that revealed no disease left in body.
Tell me we don’t serve an awesome God? His way is not ours. Everything happens for a reason in line with God’s will.

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