A little over a year ago my Mom Margaret McFarland, who had been a faithful reader of Our Daily Bread for years, lost her vision to the point that she could no longer read. One day in our daily phone conversation she said that she missed reading she especially missed reading her daily devotions from ODB and the Daily Guideposts. I realized that I could make that wish come true by reading them to her during my morning calls. So for this past year or so we have shared our devotions together. Our daily devotion together has opened the door to many discussions about our faith and our love of Jesus. My Mom just moved on to Heaven two weeks ago at the age of 93, and while I miss her so very much I have many wonderful memories of our love for each other and among the tops are our daily devotion times. I have just made a contribution to the ministry of ODB and I want you to know it is because of Mom and her love for you folks that I make that gift to continue your ministry.

Thank you you and may God continue to show favor to you as you minister to so many. -Luella

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