It was my lifelong mentor who introduced your great website to me.  As a new, self-made and “unofficial” Christian in mainland China, I had felt rather “helpless” to explore and expand the horizon of Christian world.  Once taking a glimpse of your vast contents, I knew that I found my family! “Our Daily Bread” is most close to my heart, and I have been too hungry to wait for the update of your daily piece! It turns into a kind of addition. The most amazing thing is that I have even noticed my changes each day, though it might be small and insignificance. Now I come to write the self journal titled “My Daily Recipe”, the “brainchild” of your “Bread”, where I drop down  any good deed I make or  any bad habit/deed I eliminate/suppress every day, no matter how tiny it could be. I become happier day by day, because I feel our Holy father is watching me and listening to me, most lovingly every moment. I will never be lonely in our Christian family. I believe I could cook most delicious feast under my recipes inspired by your rich bread!

Our Chinese Spring Festival is fast approaching. Although it is not a Christian holiday, I would like to wish our Father and all our family members happy and peace every day in the Year of Sheep!

891This Encouraged Me

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