Take a world-famous runner and U.S. Congressman teamed with a passionate firecracker whose mission is to tell the world about Jesus, and you get a dynamic duo—Jim and Anne Ryun.

In 1964, Jim broke the 4-minute mile in high school male track and four years later won a silver medal in the 1500-meter run in the Olympics. Anne has been by his side for nearly 50 years as his biggest cheerleader and as an even bigger cheerleader for God. Early in their marriage, they began a relationship with Christ and started reading Our Daily Bread. Not only does this devotional serve their family on a daily basis, but they also share it with others during the Jim Ryun Running Camps they lead every year, leave  stacks in the U.S. Capitol, and hand them out one-by-one to the people the Lord brings across their path.

Anne always carries a stash of Our Daily Bread devotionals with her; and in just one day she gave copies to the morning cab driver, an airport employee, a flight attendant, a server at lunch, and the afternoon cab driver. Anne said, “It was an anointed day for sure. I am expecting the Lord to now water the good seed!”

As an Our Daily Bread distributor, Anne receives 150 copies every 3 months. So how will you impact others? Maybe, like Anne, you can order extra copies of Our Daily Bread and pass them out to friends, neighbors, and even strangers. Sign up HERE.

Read the rest of Jim and Anne’s story in the digital edition of the Our Daily Bread Ministries Newsletter. Click HERE.

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