Each morning, as I do my morning devotions, I recall the fall of 2011 as my wife Margie lay wasting away in a nursing home. We were both saved in 1967 but while she stayed close to the Lord,  I fell away and drifted, on and off, for many years. But, when Margie became too ill to do her daily devotions, I would help, and eventually do them for her using Our Daily Bread. Then I would try to find Bible passages for her that related to her life. She was such a great witness, even as she lay suffering and dying she would still praise the Lord every day.

When she would fall asleep during or after devotions, I found I was still reading our Bible. It was as though I could not get enough. God used that experience and Our Daily Bread to draw me back to Him! I cannot even write this without having to choke back tears. I still use ODB in my morning devotions, and always will. Thank you so much for all you do to bring God’s word with understanding to people everywhere. -David


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