My husband was involved in a vehicular accident March 2010.  A sleepy motorbike rider collided with Fier from behind and they both crashed in one of the busiest sections of EDSA.  It was the first miracle that he had that day, no other vehicle was behind him and he had a chance to get up and walked to the side of the road.  Second miracle of that day was he never lost consciousness – he was fully alert of what was happening and even had the chance to call and inform me of what happened.

He underwent surgery to put a metal plate to support his shattered right collarbone.

The other guy fled the scene and the third miracle that day was that a fellow motorbike rider helped my husband and they were able to get the license plate of the guy who collided with my husband.  After a few months, I was able to trace the guy who collided with him.

We met with him and his mother.  He explained that he was up partying all night and fell asleep on the wheel.

If you know who I am, you would expect that I will burst out throwing expletives to the guy for all the trouble that he’d caused.  We were neck-deep in hospital bills and my husband wasn’t able to work for 2 months.  Everyone who knew me back then would expect me to file a lawsuit and wrung-dry the guys family for moral damages.

But lo and behold, I was able to keep calm and let God do all the work.  My husband and I agreed to forgive him – which I think surprised both him and his mother.  We just told him to be careful next time and that he should not be behind the wheel if he’s not in a condition to be.  We parted ways and my husband and I both had this heavy weight lifted from us because we have given forgiveness.

The Lord indeed moves in mysterious ways.  His love and mercy can soften even the hardest of hearts.  There is blessing when we forgive just as the Lord had forgiven our sins.

Thanks be to God!


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