I have been reading Our Daily Bread since I was a teenager. It has become a major part of my daily devotions both in private and in Class Devotions. I share it on Facebook to my friends. It is very motivating, inspiring, fulfilling and satisfying to me. Many things I found puzzling, the simple anecdotal way of explaining by the writers have put them all in perspective. At my lowest and in my triumphs I have found a gem to guide me through with the Word of God. It has helped me immensely in my ministering to anyone I meet. The nuggets at the end as thought for the day have been so helpful in expressing deep truths from the Bible. Thank you and continue to present God’s Word in ways that makes it so easy and clear. I have now taken to giving the Annual edition as Christmas gifts. Thank you indeed and may God continue to bless your efforts so you can be a blessing to others. Our Daily Bread feeds my soul with a well-balanced nutritious diet in Christ.

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