I was brought up in a Christian home by parents who were missionaries in India. I had two brothers and a sister and the four of us were all born in India. Up to the age of 16 I moved back and forth between India and the UK, until finally we all remained in the UK. When I was 5 years old I heard the story retold of the cross of Jesus and how He suffered and died for me. I was very moved and asked Him to come into my heart and to stay there forever. Not knowing a lot, though, at that young age, and perhaps not realising the implications of that decision, my lifestyle didn’t change significantly right away.

When I was aged 10 or 11 however, I entered a kind of ‘honeymoon’ period in my Christian life. I became very enthusiastic about Christian things and keen to tell my friends that they too needed to be saved. Sadly, this did not last. In my early to mid-teens my zeal cooled somewhat and other interests and distractions took over. However, I don’t think I stopped believing. God kept His hand on me and protected me from sliding too far into sin. At age 17, certain scientific facts about the vastness of the universe, the speed of light and distances measured in light years caught my imagination. Coupled with Scriptures about the wonders of God’s creation and what the Bible said in two psalms in particular (8 and 19), I came back to outright faith. I rededicated my life to the Lord and was baptised a few months later.

Down the years since then I have experienced many things—supremely happy times and some pretty tough times, including unemployment and mental illness. Through it all God has sustained me, provided for me and gradually strengthened my faith and deepened my relationship with Him. He has proved His love and faithfulness many, many times over! I have often failed Him but He has never let me down. At age 54 I was married to a Christian lady and we have now been together for nearly 14 years. Marriage was and is a life-changing experience and I am still learning and being stretched! I’m sure she is too!

The Lord is good: you should “taste and see” how true that is. He has promised me a glorious future in Heaven with Him; this is a “living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” The alternative, being separated from God forever, is so awful as to be unthinkable. But it is inevitable if you do not seek Him and receive Him. You don’t have to take that route because God’s offer of salvation is still open and available and He loves you and longs to welcome you into His family, to share the future He planned and paid such a high price for at Calvary’s cross. Come to Him today!

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