God saw fit to create me with a genetic brain disorder. I was born in February 1973 missing a critical part of my personal computer, my brain. The part of the brain that separates it into 4 sections so that it can operate each part of your body, your left side, right side, lymphatic system, memory center, central nervous system and basic living functions. Cerebral spinal fluid builds up inside within ventricles of the brain that is pressurized. My optic nerve is too small as well. It is called Optic Nerve Hyperplasia. It is a spectral disorder like autism, in that, some people function better than others. It is extremely rare and only in the last 10 years has it been studied. Most cannot see, do not grow over 5 feet tall, are barren and suffer from being unable to fight off infections, ending up in wheelchairs. I am 43, the oldest known surviving female diagnosed, I had 20/20 vision most of my life, gave birth to 2 great children and grew to 5’4.5″ tall. That in of itself is miraculous. My grandfather, the child of a minister in Western New York, collected Daily Bread devotionals since 1956 and was an avid listen to the radio broadcast since the beginning. He died in 2010 after raising us to know the Lord intimately. I was baptized as an adult in May of 2009 at my church in Louisville, Kentucky.

That is when my life took a dramatic turn, as I was bestowed with gifts from God after baptism that unlocked my potential to have a purpose driven life beyond what I had known. As a direct result of domestic violence, I was forced to relocate to another state for my safety far from my church home and signed a lease in Illinois, June 1st, 2009. On June 13th, I was brutally raped in my home, the devil attacked me, basically, the entire year and I grew despondent, depressed and withdrawn. I had a new church home, however, my fears would not let me leave the house, because, the alleged rapist was never brought to justice and lived 4 blocks from me in this small town. I grew suicidal, questioning God’s plan and prayed for him to take me home willingly, he did not agree, so, I silently planned to take my own life. On October 28, 2009, I drank 25 ounces of anti-freeze, climbed into bed at 10 pm and fell asleep, alone, welcoming the end to my turmoil. God had a plan, though, I knew not the outcome. I was rescued by a neighbor who found me the next morning at 9 am.

I received 4 blood volume replacement transfusions and had dialysis 3 times, was in a hospital induced coma for 10 days, the doctors told my family after they arrived from across the country on the 3rd day, that I would not survive. A prayer page went out on Facebook, by my Aunt, receiving over 5,000 prayers, my parents stayed by my bedside and I awoke on the 11 day, without any damage at all, like nothing had happened. They’re was photographs, pictures of Angels and Jesus, on every single wall of my room, a stranger had placed an expensive bracelet made of turquoise, copper and silver on my wrist with blessed cross bangles all over it. All I remember of that first night was the smell of burnt roses and Amazing Grace playing on a piano that was never there. My grandmother played the piano in church and died in 1993. One of my doctors a neurologist who had practiced for over 30 years was from Germany, originally, Grandma was born in Sweden, so I recognized his accent, stated that in all his years he had never seen a soul survive that type of poisoning.

To survive without any physical damage is unheard of. Several doctors agreed in my room, that my recovery defied any scientific explanation. The translation of my christian given name literally means ‘Fruit of Life’ I believe in the Almighty, Omnipotent, All knowing Christ Jesus, after that brief time in my life, coming through potential death, my direction has been restored, my mission has been renewed and my focus on living life to it’s fullest, has been preordained. I won’t give up give in or deny the power of a miracles. If you believe that God is a silent God or that your on your own, just look to your neighbors, your fire department, your hospitals, your science, your planet or your dog. If you can create a life like that, maintain life and endure it, you should not deny it. Praise God for granting me just that. The power to know that I am small in his eyes, lets me live large. It has never been about my destination in Heaven, I know my place is next to his throne, today is all about the journey I take to get there, what I have left behind and who I have invited to join me in his Kingdom. We must encourage lost souls to seek God, any way we can. Come against Satan when he is trying to get a foothold and he will never get a strong hold. Matthew 26:41, Thank you for reading my story!

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