I came in contact with Our Daily Bread when I was 12. An older neighbour who had relocated to the US had some of his old books cleaned out by the family and among the trash were copies of ODB from the 70s and very early 80s. This was in 1986.  My brother and I picked those and began reading.  I cannot tell you how much using the ODB helped my new-found faith and also in forming a habit of daily devotion.  Part of the beauty is that one year with ODB would have taken you to almost every book in the bible and touched on many topics that affect the believer.  I still use ODB 29 years on (now the 1-year editions) and am still being blessed by the Bread.

God bless the memory of Dr. De Haan and all those who make this devotional possible.

Osaeloka, Nigeria

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