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Becoming the Person God Meant Me to Be

My name is Alma. I became a drug addict at a late age. All my life I did things to make other people happy. I did so many things to get drugs I didn’t like myself. I didn’t even like God. Until I met the super lady named Sister K. She told me one day you will become the person you were meant to be. She encouraged me to start reading Our Daily Bread, and I thought, ‘Okay what can go wrong with that?’ Your book was telling my story everyday. I would use something from it every day. I read  it, and as days, months, and years went by I began to believe God did not give up on me.

It has been 12 years since I touched  drugs or alcohol and Sister K and I still keep in contact. God, I have become the person I was meant to be. I have seven people that I send Our Daily Bread to. I read Our Daily Bread on a daily basis and take something out of it and send the it the seven people I mentioned before. I am so happy with my life! I can never thank you enough for writing this book! Keep up the good work.

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