My wife was 30 weeks pregnant when we lost our baby. She got home late from her first family baby shower and we stayed up even later going through each gift for our first daughter. But during the night, she started cramping and we drove to the hospital. I was sure that we were overreacting. Two weeks prior, the obstetrician said everything was fine. But the ultrasound at the hospital showed no heartbeat. Our baby had died.

“We’ll take care of everything,” said the doctor.

We barely heard her. We were lost in our hurt, confused by what was happening, and thinking about all the things that we’d never do with our daughter: books unread, school events unattended, wedding aisle untraveled. But God is both Master Physician and Father. He is the only one who understands and can “take care of everything.” Our daughter was gone, but she was somewhere better. And when we cried out against God, He would answer us as only He can. “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation?” (Job 38:4).

It can be a cold comfort to know that God is in control when pain comes into our life, but we trust that His plans are best. God is faithful. Eventually God gave us two beautiful, healthy daughters. But we had no guarantees that we would get what we wanted. We just had to believe that whatever the outcome, God loved us and would take care of us.

We’ll never forget our first daughter. Loss is never easy. But God understands. -Josh Mosey

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