“My parents divorced when I was a teenager, so I moved on my own to the United States. I got into trouble there and was put in jail.” It was during her time in jail that Natalie first discovered Our Daily Bread. “I would read it on occasion, but I wasn’t ready at that time to become a Christian,” she said. After Natalie was released, she moved to England and again found herself in trouble with the law. And again, once in jail she was given Our Daily Bread, which she read faithfully. This time, however, she turned to Jesus Christ as her Savior. “I would look forward to reading Our Daily Bread as God’s message to me each day. I would read the article and then try to live by that principle for that day. I could hardly wait for the next day to read what Our Daily Bread could teach me about God’s Word.”

As her relationship with God grew, Natalie felt a definite call from the Lord. She was sure God was calling her to someday start a rehabilitation center in Jamaica—although she had never been to the country. After she got out of prison in England, she moved to the land of her heritage, got a job in Montego Bay, and took in her first client. Today, she runs the rehab center with the goal of helping people recognize that God loves them and can help them conquer their problems.

Our Daily Bread saved my life,” she told me. And now because her life has been transformed, Natalie is sharing the life-changing message of the gospel with many others in Jamaica.



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