After 17 years of being addicted to drugs and alcohol, chasing women, dropping out of college, and a failing music career I found comfort in scripture and Narcotics Anonymous. In rehab, a guy started reading Proverbs in groups. Another one of my counselors directed me to Romans 8. Building upon my Christian foundation from childhood, I now have a job, work as an archivist for Alcoholics Anonymous, speak to other addicts, go to church, and have devoted my life to spreading the good news of Jesus’s love and forgiveness.

While visiting a local “sober” hang out, I picked up a copy of Our Daily Bread. Its stories help build my spiritual growth every time I read it. I enjoy sending in small donations to help further their cause. I thank God for people who actively spread the word of God to people like me who were once hopeless, desperate, and in need of God’s grace and mercy. Today my life has meaning, purpose, and direction. My new life is based on God’s love! Thank you for your daily message!! It helped save my life!

925This Encouraged Me

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