It was a beautiful Easter morning and I had attended the Sunrise Easter Service not far from my home. The past year had been very rough due to losing my husband of cancer one year this particular month. His illness and departure had came within a five month period, one I wasn’t expecting. I had been struggling to receive answers by going to church, reading my Bible at times, and being around family and friends. This all helped some, but didn’t fill the emptiness inside of me. On this particular day after arriving home from church and feeling somewhat better, due to knowing this day was our Remembrance of our Lord’s Resurrection. I decided to watch the second service on television after returning home from church. They were showing Jesus carrying the cross in which brought me great sorrow. I started crying and looking up above the television, and then I cried out, I do believe you arose from the dead. At that moment a beautiful presence came in the room and I knew it was him (Jesus) and he let me know, he indeed was alive. Not seeing a person or hearing someone speak out, it was more like a quick presence and inner voice to my heart and soul that he spoke to me. I was filled with love, peace, joy and assurance in knowing that our Dear Lord lives and is with me every moment. My life began to change for the better and I have never been the same. This encounter was so special to me because of all days, He visited me on Easter and at the time I most needed to fill His presence!

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