I have been involved in Christianity for 5 years now. A co-worker invited me to church during a moment when I was encountering a problem in my marriage related to a family member. I accepted the offer hoping for Jesus to solve my problem. Weeks later my problem was solved and my married was in the up again towards normality. Today, I am still following Jesus, go to Church and volunteer. During a quick trip to Grand Rapids, MI I said to myself. I am going to stay in my hotel room today and read the Bible. Well, little did I know that the hotel is across the Our Daily Bread main office. I quickly asked if they did tours and they received me with open arms. I saw that ODB was in fact legit and everything they do to continue to pass the Word of God. They even use recycled paper to produce their booklets to reduce cost because sometimes they are short of funds. I have since then been very connected to this ministry and know that they preach and speak directly from the Bible the Word of God. God Bless this ministry and those who help continue their work.

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