I have been reading and studying your daily devotions for over 40 years. Sometimes I will add other devotional material and they come and go but I always read first your devotion and continue to do that to this very day.

Not long ago I was given the incredible opportunity of being a part of a team to train Muslim men and women who had believed and trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord in Tunisia. We use the Bible Training Center for Pastor’s teachings to provide the basic knowledge and skills for these Christians to effectively and rightly divide the Word of Truth as they lead and pastor others. In my part of the teachings my pastor said to me that my presentation seemed like a series of devotionals linked together. It was then that I realized that after so many years of reading your devotions I have been trained to rightly divide the Word through you under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. My pastor has a seminary degree. I have the practical everyday Biblical foundation that you have given me that has made a huge difference in my life as I share the love of Christ to others.

I thank God for you and the influence your ministry has provided me.

In Christ,


855This Encouraged Me

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