A Story of Hope

    Love is Four Letter

    What Makes You Beautiful?

    I Want to Believe, But
    Baptism, Church, Christian commitments

    I Want to Believe, But
    The Bible, Religion, Sin

    I Want to Believe, But
    Family tradition, Christian behaviour

    Breaking Free From Addictions

    Fear No More

    Where’s My Dream Job?

    I Can’t Face Tomorrow

    Why Is It Never Enough?

    Growing Old
    Hopeful Days Are Ahead!

    Failing Health
    What Can You Do?

    How Can A Parent Find Peace Of Mind?

    ODB Reflection
    Refreshing Your Marriage Relationship

    What Can I Do With My Worry?

    Is Being Good
    Good Enough?

    Honor Your Father and Mother
    Privilege and Duty

    View From The Valley

    Are you the real you?

    Who’s looking at me?

    The Commitment To Love

    Failure:Life's Great Teacher
    Never Confuse A Single Defeat With A Final Defeat

    The Pursuit of Happiness

    Choose Life

    Seeking Life's Purpose
    Live Today As If You Will Stand Before God Tomorrow

    Looking For Love
    What Does Real Love Look Like?


    10 Reasons To Believe
    Christ Rose From The Dead

    10 Reasons To Believe
    In The Christian Faith

    10 Reasons To Believe
    In The Existence Of God

    10 Reasons To Believe
    In The Bible

    10 Reasons To Believe
    God Became A Man

    10 Reasons To Believe
    God Offers The Perfect Gift

    Game Plan
    The Team Talk Of Your Life

    Beautiful or Ordinary?
    Discovering Significance and Love

    A New Beginning
    Forget What Lies Behind; Move Forward with hope


    Disappointments In Life
    No One Is Helpless Whose Hope Is In God

    A World Of Worries
    Fear or Faith?

    Eric Liddell
    A Champion For All Time

    Crossing The Finish Line

    Recipe for Success

    Forgiven & Forgiving

    The Unopened Gift
    Why Not Take a Look?

    Gift of Love

    What is Christmas All About?

    What Do You Really Want for Christmas