Mum, You’re not alone

What is the most challenging job in the world? Many have said it is being a mother, if it is ever considered a “job”. But while it’s not a job in the strict sense of the word, it is nevertheless a tough endeavour. Motherhood is a blessing, but sometimes, it can be a lonely one too.

For some, motherhood is a time of spiritual dryness as they feel too depleted to carve out time to be alone with God. However, motherhood can also be a time of reliance on God as the struggles become overwhelmingly immense and real.

You are not alone. God hears your cries, whether in your heart, in the silence of the night or even together with your children’s cries. Isaiah 66:13 says, “I will comfort you there in Jerusalem as a mother comforts her child.”


Join us 7-day devotion

This year, we’d like to celebrate Mother’s Day with a 7-day devotion below, taken from Our Daily Bread’s God Hears Her, a 365-day devotional written by women for women. Daily devotions help us to find God and commune with Him – first as His beloved child, then as a woman and as a mother – so that we remain in His embrace while caring for others.




Day 1: Too busy to hear God

When life gets too busy, we can learn to serve God and commune with Him at the same time. Through His strength, we can find the grace to be both Martha and Mary.




Day 2: Frustrated with my children

On days when we find ourselves getting angry or driven crazy by our children, we can take a step back to understand their hearts and ask God to show us His purpose for them.




Day 3: Alone and struggling

When we feel alone and are struggling to balance responsibilities, know that God hears our cries. He is a close and faithful companion, never leaving us nor forsaking us.




Day 4: Will I ever be good enough?

Life’s hardships and challenges may leave us “broken”. But God loves to inhabit the imperfect and broken pieces in our lives, so that His power may shine through the cracks.




Day 5: My children don’t want to go to church

God loves our children and has a unique plan for them. When they refuse to go to church, our job is to pray, wait and surrender them to the One who loves them even more than we do.




Day 6: Do I need to improve on my parenting?

When naysayers and comparison get the better of us, let’s choose to stay focused, steady and committed to God and the standards He has convicted us of.




Day 7: Can my baby not grow up so fast?

As our children grow up, they change and are no longer the babies they once were. Despite the shifting seasons of life, we can still hold fast to a loving and unchanging God.





God Hears Her is a podcast series inspired by this devotional. Hosted by Elisa Morgan and Eryn Eddy, their guests share personal stories of hope and encouragement on motherhood and womanhood. Podcasts are a great way to incorporate listening to God’s word into your daily activities, so check out their latest episodes here.



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