Living with Lions

“He is the living God, and he endures forever.” -Daniel 6:26

At a Chicago museum, I saw one of the original Striding Lions of Babylon—a large, mural-type image of a ferocious winged lion. Symbolizing Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of love and war, the lion was an example of 120 similar lions that lined a Babylonian pathway.

Historians say that after the Babylonians defeated Jerusalem, the Hebrew captives would have seen these lions during their time in Nebuchadnezzar’s kingdom. It’s likely that some of the Israelites would have believed Ishtar had defeated the God of Israel.

Daniel, one of the Hebrew captives, did not share the doubts that troubled some of his fellow Israelites. His commitment to God stayed steady. He prayed three times a day—with his windows open—even when he knew it would mean being tossed into a den of lions. After God rescued Daniel from the hungry animals, King Darius said, “[Daniel’s God] is the living God. . . . He rescues and he saves” (DANIEL 6:26–27). Daniel’s faithfulness influenced the Babylonian leaders.

Staying faithful to God despite pressure and discouragement can inspire other people to give Him glory.

By Jennifer