Read: John 14:6  Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life.”

Imagine getting lost while hiking up a mountain and ending up stuck on a ledge. Somehow, however, you have made yourself comfortable there, along with many other fellow hikers in the same situation; there seems to be some comfort in numbers, even though all of you are stuck.

Then someone turns up and warns of imminent disaster: a terrible storm is gathering and will soon hit the mountain with great ferocity. Staying on the ledge, the man warns, means certain death. He then tells all those on the ledge to follow him, because he knows a way to escape. What would you do?

…it is not a call to something earthly or material.

Most people do not take this man seriously. They look at the clear skies and laugh at his prediction of a storm. How could it be possible, they ask? They feel quite safe and comfortable on this ledge, they argue. Besides, the view is spectacular!

A few hikers, however, listen to the man and start following him. The man takes them to a narrow path that leads off the ledge—and over a cliff. The way looks perilous and dangerous, but the man reassures the group that they will be fine as long as they follow his instructions.

Several people, however, give up and turn back. How will you react? Will you stay on the ledge? Will you try following this man, but turn back in doubt? Or will you trust him and follow him all the way?

When Jesus calls, “Come to Me”, it is not a call to something earthly or material. Many people wrongly believe that Jesus is calling them to receive material blessings and success, and to live free of sickness and worry. But that is not what Jesus has in mind.

…modern man’s fallacy is to have made the pursuit of happiness the primary aim of life.

The Son of God offers us true rest—a rest that has to do with knowing God. His invitation is a spiritual one; to know Jesus and His ways, and to begin a personal walk with Jesus that will transform all our thoughts, deeds, and relationships. If we live in His light, our lives will see a radical change as we cease striving after illusionary and transient happiness. As French philosopher Jacques Ellul once pointed out, modern man’s fallacy is to have made the pursuit of happiness the primary aim of life. It is an attitude that many Christians have incorporated into their lives; yet it will never satisfy our deepest needs.

Instead, we must go to Jesus, because we know exactly who He is and what He offers us. It is in Jesus that we find the true foundation and meaning of life, for He said of himself: “I am the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6). Jesus’ invitation is the greatest you will ever receive. If you respond to it fully, you will receive a joy that can never be taken away from you, neither by circumstances nor people.

Consider this:
Why do people prefer to go everywhere else other than to Jesus? How has knowing and following Jesus changed the way you live your life?

Excerpted and adapted from Finding Rest For The Soul by Robert Solomon. © 2016 by Robert Solomon. Used by permission of Discovery House. All rights reserved.


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