Our mission is to make the life changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all. An important part of this mission is to hold Bible conferences, which are open to everyone without charge. Anyone who wants to can come and listen to the Word of God being taught. And in 2019 we also held our second UK Women's Conference! Find out details of our conferences by clicking on the events below.

We will also update this page throughout the year with details of other events and conferences we will be attending.


We’re excited to announce that we are still holding our annual Bible Conference—online! We may not be able to physically gather, but we can still open God’s Word together. We’d love you to join us on Facebook Live at 2:00 p.m. on 13th March. Why not share the event with your friends, family and church as well?

Our Daily Bread writer Bill Crowder will share two messages on Phillip (from stories in John's gospel) during the hourlong conference. We will also share news of what the Lord is doing in the work and mission of Our Daily Bread Ministries.

If you’re a Bible Conference regular, we’re delighted to be able to meet with you again this year! If you’ve never been before, this is the perfect time to join us for a bitesize conference and find out more about how we can serve you and your loved ones!

When: 14:00-15:00, 13th March (to watch it live, or watch it any time afterwards that suits you!)

Where: The comfort of your own home!

How: Facebook Live, (then Youtube and if you want to catch up later)

John: The Disciple Jesus Loved


The Disciple Jesus Loved

Listen to the talks from our Bible Conference in March 2020 as Our Daily Bread author and Bible teacher Bill Crowder explores John: The Disciple Jesus Loved!

Session 1: Following the Lamb (John 1 35-42)

Session 2: Missing the Point (Luke 9 51-56)

Session 3: Crossing the Line (Matthew 20 17-28)

Session 4: Witnessing the Cross (John 19 23-30)

Citizens of Heaven

Discovering what it means to represent, live in and belong to a kingdom we can't yet see.

Listen to the powerful and practical talks from our Women’s Bible Conference in October 2019! Bible teacher and Our Daily Bread Ministries writer Debbi Fralick opens up God’s Word to help you explore what it really means to represent, live in and belong to a kingdom we can’t yet see.

You can listen to all the talks online here. Or you can contact our office and we’ll send you out a CD.

Session 1: The Rights and the Privileges of Citizenship

Session 2: The Culture of the Kingdom

Session 3: The Struggles of Dual Citizenship

Session 4: The Heavenly Embassy

Samson: A Life of Gain and Loss

Join Our Daily Bread writer Bill Crowder as he explores the ups and downs of one of the Bible's unlikeliest heroes of the faith: Samson. Known for his long hair, incredible strength and poor life choices, discover how Israel's flawed judge gives us surprising insights into the life, death and rescue mission of Jesus, the real Judge and Saviour of the world.

You can listen to all the talks online here. Or you can contact our office and we’ll send you out a CD.

Session 1: A Surprise Beginning (Judges 13:24)

Session 2: Of Choices and Their Consequences (Judges 14-16)

Session 3: The Problem with Samson (Judges 16:6)

Session 4: The End… And Beyond (Judges 16:28-29)

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