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    When We Don’t Measure Up: Escaping The Grip Of Guilt

    A life filled with guilt over not measuring up to others’ expectations can drain you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Find hope and a way of escape from your feelings of guilt, as counselor Jeff Olson shares insight from Scripture to help you understand your true identity in Christ. Discover how you can experience freedom from the exhausting grip of guilt when you live by God’s standards and not the opinions of others.

    A Clear Conscience

    After Ffyona Campbell became famous as the first woman to walk around the world, her joy was short-lived. Despite the adulation she received, something troubled her. Guilt overtook her and pushed her to the brink of a nervous breakdown.

    What was bothering her? “I shouldn’t be remembered as the first woman to walk around the world,” she finally admitted. “I cheated.”