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    Why We Spent 15 Years in the “Friend Zone”

    Yes, that’s the number of years my husband, Jonathan, and I knew each other before we got married. I guess you could consider us living examples of the saying, “The best relationships start off as friendships”.

    When I Failed to Plan for a Break-Up

    Most of us make plans for everything, from what we’d like to have for dinner to what goals we want to achieve in 10 years. But I had always taken this to the extreme.

    A Letter To My Future Wife

    Dear (Future) Wife, It’s the day after our wedding, doesn’t it feel surreal? Watching you walk down the aisle in your white gown yesterday, I couldn’t stop thanking God for bringing you into my life.

    Editor’s Picks: Top 3 Articles | Relationships

    Let’s just get it out there: Relationships are as important to us as the air that we breathe. Some of the most intense emotions we experience as human beings are tied to our relationship experiences.

    Dating: Are we getting it right?

    We’ve all heard about the “right” way in which we should go about dating, and have been taught what is right and wrong. And we teach the same lessons to others, or judge others by the same standards.

    How Do I Live Without Him?

    Have you heard the story of the little eagle which was raised as a chicken? Every day, he ate and played with the other chickens, so much so that he believed that he was one of them. One day, he saw an eagle flying high above, and gazed at the magnificent bird in awe.

    Sex: What are you waiting for?

    I grew up in a dysfunctional non-Christian family, but my mother raised me to be responsible, conservative, and cautious, to the best of her ability. Though I was not explicitly taught to wait for marriage before having sex, I knew that this was the right thing to do. So I waited.

    5 “Harmless” Dating Tips

    Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you may have encountered at least one of these five things I have been told about dating. Perhaps the advice was given out of good intentions, but more often than not, it left you feeling frustrated and miserable.

    When We Lose Sight of God in Our Relationships

    Recently, I was able to enjoy a work-free weekend and got to spend time with my boyfriend, Asiri. As a couple, we have our ups and downs, but by God’s grace, we have been able to work through our problems.

    A Letter to My Future Husband

    Written By VT, Singapore Dear (Future) Husband,   You’re reading this on the first morning of our first day as a married couple because you are (now officially) the guy that I have been praying so much for. You came about in God’s good timing and, once again, He has given me more than I […]

    Waiting for God’s Timing

    Any single lady will eventually come to a point in life where she questions whether the guy she is dating is the one she wants as her life partner. The same is true for guys. Unless you have the gift of celibacy, there will always be this aching desire within you […]

    Breaking Up with Breakups

    Breakups are painful experiences that many of us, myself included, may have gone through—some more painfully than others. It hurts to see our friends experience one, let alone ourselves. Leading up to the event, we are often consumed by doubt and apprehension. A whirlpool of emotions causes great confusion in our heads. […]

    (Another) Piece of Relationship Advice

    Written By P.Cheong With the (somewhat) recent proliferation of online magazines and the tsunami of relationship advice that comes with it, young people are bombarded with ideas of love, relationships, and marriage. And I suspect that this is what you are thinking about too. We’re all at that distressing stage in life where relatives (you […]