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    Biblical encouragement concerning our daily struggle with sin

    Satan has had centuries to perfect his crafty strategies, and has the resources to implement his devious plans. What chance do we possibly have against such an insurmountable enemy? If you’ve put your faith in Jesus, you have resources too! Resources that can help you win the battle.

    Why a self-assured pride in our own abilities is a clever trap designed by our Enemy!

    Our culture considers it an admirable quality to think, “I can do this by myself!” That it’s the sign of healthy self-esteem. A study on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

    An eye-opening discussion you don’t want to miss

    There are many kinds of temptations. Some are obvious appeals to sin. But other enticements may seem perfectly logical and reasonable in the moment! Let's discuss how the Enemy tempts us to “throw our pearls before swine.”

    Let’s explore a section of the Sermon on the Mount talking about pearls and pigs

    Occasionally, we may come up against a Scripture passage that is difficult to interpret. When that happens we say there are some practical steps we can follow to help us see the meaning clearly.

    A Way Of Escape

    Highway 77, which passes through the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia, features a series of runaway truck ramps. These semi-paved exits appear in an area of the highway where the altitude drops nearly 1,300 feet over the course of about 6 miles. This steep descent combined with the road’s winding path can create problems for motorists—especially truck drivers.

    What’s At Stake?

    To stake or not to stake? That’s the question Marilyn faced when she planted a tree sapling last summer. The salesman said, “Stake it for one year so it will be supported in strong winds. Then remove them so it can grow deep roots on its own.” But a neighbor told her, “Staking may cause more harm than good. The tree needs to start building strong roots right away, or it may never. Not staking is best for long-term health.”

    “I’m . . . Uh . . . Sorry”

    The news is quick to report all the details of famous people’s wrongdoings and their subsequent confessions. Perhaps it’s an athlete who was arrested for driving while drunk. Or it could be a politician caught in an indiscretion. Only God knows the heart, but when we hear a stuttered “I’m . . . uh . . . sorry,” we may wonder if they are truly repentant or just sorry they got caught

    Warning Sign

    On a sandy beach in Uruguay, giant concrete fingers partially submerged in sand reach up toward the sky. It is called the Monument to the Drowned. Locals just call it La Mano, “The Hand.” It was created by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal as a warning to swimmers about the danger of drowning.

    Strength Of A Man

    Some years ago I found myself in an elevator with a couple of men. It was late at night, and we all looked weary. The elevator came to a stop, and a larger-than-life cowboy ambled in, wearing a battered hat, an old, stained sheepskin coat, and rundown logger boots. He looked us up and down, met our eyes, and growled, “Good evening, men.” All of us straightened up and squared our shoulders. We were trying to live up to the name.

    Savor Every Bite

    My wife Martie often tells me, “Joe, you eat too fast! Slow down and enjoy your meal.” I’m usually done long before she is, because she takes the time to savor every bite.

    A Letter From C. S. Lewis

    In September 1961, Harvey Karlsen, a high school student in Brooklyn, New York, wrote to C. S. Lewis in England. Harvey had read Lewis’ book The Screwtape Letters and asked the author, “When you wrote this book, did Satan give you any trouble, and if he did, what did you do about it?”

    God’s commands are His way of protecting His children

    Good parents know that rules are there to help our kids, not to hurt them. Those guidelines are evidence of parental love! A challenging study of the Ten Commandments.

    Discover how temptation is really a choice, to either love God or to go against Him

    Cornered with an enticing temptation, and seeing no way out, it’s easy to believe that giving in is the only option. Another interesting study on the role of the Ten Commandments.

    Find out how the Ten Commandments can offer us true freedom

    According to the “Discover the Word” team, sin is a desire to be free from God. Let's study the Ten Commandments and discover that instead of restricting us, they actually offer us true freedom.

    Let’s explore the tools we need to win the battle against our spiritual foes

    The apostle Paul wrote that our fight is not against people or governments, but against unseen spiritual forces that wish to see us fall! An inspiring discussion on the power we have in God.