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    Discover how Jesus can be our Father and yet remain the Promised Child!

    Ready for a Christmas riddle? The Bible calls Jesus both “The Son of God” and “Everlasting Father.” But how can Christ be both? An eye-opening Christmas edition.

    A Forever Hello

    After a week’s vacation with her daughter and 4-month-old grandson, Oliver, Kathy had to say goodbye until she could see them again. She wrote to me saying, “Sweet reunions like we had make my heart long for heaven. There, we won’t have to try to capture memories in our mind. There, we won’t have to pray for the time to go slowly and the days to last long. There, our hello will never turn into goodbye. Heaven will be a ‘forever hello,’ and I can’t wait.” As a first-time grandma, she wants to be with her grandson Oliver as much…

    With Him Forever!

    In 1859, during the turbulent years prior to America’s Civil War, Abraham Lincoln had the opportunity to speak to the Agricultural Society in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As he spoke, he shared with them the story of an ancient monarch’s search for a sentence that was “true and appropriate in all times and situations.” His wise men, faced with this heady challenge, gave him the sentence, “And this, too, shall pass away.”

    Find out that it’s not about what we can do, but who we trust for our salvation

    What do I have to do to get into heaven? It’s a question men and women have been asking for centuries. Our study of the rich young ruler continues.

    Jesus’ encounter with a rich young man who thought he knew what it meant to follow God

    The scientific community once believed that the earth was flat, and that leeches were good medicine. Obviously our perceptions don’t always match reality! Turns out a rich young man who thought he knew what it meant to follow the Lord was way off!

    Water For The World

    Although 70 percent of the world is covered by water, less than 1 percent of it is drinkable by humans. Water conservation and sanitation are crucial matters in many parts of the world, as all life depends on having sanitary water.

    We’re Safe

    The United States Bullion Depository in Fort Knox, Kentucky, is a fortified building that stores 5,000 tons of gold bullion and other precious items entrusted to the federal government. Fort Knox is protected by a 22-ton door and layers of physical security: alarms, video cameras, minefields, barbed razor wire, electric fences, armed guards, and unmarked Apache helicopters. Based on the level of security, Fort Knox is considered one of the safest places on earth.

    The Last Hand Shake

    By Jordy Marteja Finger across finger, our hands are immeasurably intimate Lines of our Hands bonded together- Oh, name it Fate! But apology, my dear, our Farewell, the Destiny shall dictate Palm towards palm- giggling and laughing moments, we share Even in torment, we held each hands- a tap of care A clinch, we have, […]

    New Birth

    What is there about babies that makes us smile? Many people will stop everything at the sight or sound of a baby and will flock to gaze at the little one. I noticed this when I visited my dad at a nursing home. Though most of the residents were wheelchair-bound and suffered from dementia, the visit of a family with a baby almost unfailingly brought a spark of joy to their eyes that—tentatively at first but then undoubtedly—became a smile. It was amazing to watch.

    Is Jesus God?

    Although many people have heard of Jesus through the pages of the Bible, there are still some who struggle with their belief. In this booklet, Dave Branon examines the evidence that expresses both the claims of the Bible and of Christ Himself—that He is indeed God in the flesh. Gain deeper insight into your relationship with Jesus and the importance of your faith in Him as your only way to God.

    Our Eternal Home

    What does the Bible say about heaven, who will be there, and what you will do for all of eternity? In this study, author Richard W. De Haan examines Scripture to give you a glimpse of heaven. You’ll gain insight into what it looks like, what will occur there, and why it will be an ongoing experience of joy for all who have placed their trust in the One who promised to prepare a place for them.

    It Will Be Worth It All

    We wondered why a friend of ours kept traveling to Hobart, Tasmania. Recently she invited us to join her there. From the airport we drove over a bridge and through the city and suburbs. Nothing outstanding—but we kept on traveling. After a few difficult hairpin turns that took us slowly and sharply uphill, we saw the outline of the coast below. Still quite ordinary looking.

    Wonderfully Made

    When I was a child, someone close to me thought they could motivate me to do better by frequently asking me, “Why are you so stupid?” I didn’t know how much this had affected me until I was a teenager and heard someone behind me say, “Stupid!” At the word, I quickly turned around, thinking he was talking to me.

    The Gathering

    During Oswald Chambers’ service as a YMCA chaplain in Egypt (1915–1917), he touched the lives of many soldiers who died in World War I. On November 6, 1916, Chambers wrote in his diary: “We have a letter from a New Zealand friend telling us that Ted Strack has been killed. And so Ted Strack has ‘gone to be with Jesus.’ That is just how he would have put it . . . . [He] was a rough beauty of nature and of grace, a fearless, loveable little saint. Thank God for every remembrance of him . . . . So they are gathering one by one.”

    Long-Awaited Reunion

    As a boy, I had a collie named Prince Boy, a great dog that I really loved. One day, he disappeared. I didn’t know if he had been stolen or if he had simply run away—but I was devastated. I searched everywhere. In fact, one of my earliest childhood memories is of climbing a tall tree from which I could scan our neighborhood in hopes of spotting him.