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    Why I Started Thinking About Resurrection

    I was having dinner with a good friend one evening, when she suddenly asked, “So what exactly is Good Friday all about?” It was the first time anyone had asked me such a question, and I was caught off guard. Thankfully, I managed to recover from my surprise, and explained to my friend, who was […]

    The difference Easter can have when we remember that Jesus has risen!

    Last weekend we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. But did you spend this last week living like our Savior is alive? Today we conclude our series on “Life After Easter” by remembering that Jesus has risen!

    Discover how one mother found abundant grace inside an empty tomb

    The events of Easter offer not only hope for the future, but the Resurrection also provides release from the guilt of our past. Join us as we continue discovering “Life After Easter.”

    How the impact of the Resurrection changed one woman’s life

    Life changing experiences often pivot on a single moment. For a woman named Joanna, her world changed forever on a particular Sunday morning when she discovered an empty tomb. Listen in today as we discover the impact of the Resurrection on a woman who was there!

    Let’s look at the effect of Jesus’ resurrection from the perspective of a first-hand witness

    There’s no better way to understand the lasting impact of Easter in our lives than to see it at work in the lives of others. Join us as we continue our study on “Life After Easter” and discover the effect of Jesus’ Resurrection!

    How the events of Resurrection Sunday can and should have a profound effect on our days

    Easter has come and gone. But even though the celebration has passed, the miracle of Easter can continue to shape our present. Join us at “Discover the Word” as we discover how events of the Resurrection impact our days “After Easter!”

    Discover Mary Magdalene’s greatest “first” in history

    The past is filled with great men and women who were pioneers — “firsts” in their fields of science, politics, or the arts. But today we conclude our series on Mary Magdalene by discovering history’s greatest “first.”

    Who was Simon of Cyrene and why is his perspective so important?

    Two thousand years after the event, we still marvel at the death of Jesus. This week we are invited to walk around in the sandals of Simon of Cyrene as we follow Jesus towards Calvary.

    Victory Over Death!

    An ancient painting I saw recently made a deep impression on me. Its title, Anastasis, means “resurrection,” and it depicts the triumph of Christ’s victory over death in a stunning way. The Lord Jesus, newly emerged from the tomb, is pulling Adam and Eve out of their coffins to eternal life. What is so amazing about this artwork is the way it shows how spiritual and physical death, the result of the fall, were dramatically reversed by the risen Christ.

    Easter Every Day

    A friend of mine, who is a preschool teacher, overheard an animated conversation among her students. Little Maria threw out the question: “Who loves God?” All of them responded, “I do! I do! I do!” Billy said, “I love Jesus.” Kelly protested, “But He died.” Billy said, “Yeah, but every Easter He rises from the dead!”

    I’m Alive

    Laura Brooks, a 52-year-old mother of two, didn’t know it but she was one of 14,000 people in 2011 whose name was incorrectly entered into the government database as dead. She wondered what was wrong when she stopped receiving disability checks, and her loan payments and her rent checks bounced. She went to the bank to clear up the issue, but the representative told her that her accounts had been closed because she was dead! Obviously, they were mistaken.

    10 Reasons to Believe Christ Rose From The Dead

    In a world filled with belief systems making religious claims, how can you know what to believe? How can you know who to follow? This brochure offers ten pieces of evidence and witness that verify that following Christ is reasonable. As this evidence is examined and tested—we find that it can also be trusted.

    Let’s discuss the questions we all must answer

    According to Haddon Robinson, there are five questions that, when answered, will help us decide whether we should, or shouldn’t put our faith in God.

    How Long?

    For 9 long years, Saul hounded David as “one hunts a partridge in the mountains” (1 Sam. 26:20). “How long, O Lord? Will You forget me forever?” David prayed. “How long will You hide Your face from me? . . . How long will my enemy be exalted over me?” (Ps. 13:1-2).

    Did Christ Really Rise From The Dead?

    No other single issue is more central to the Christian faith than the reality of Christ’s resurrection. In this study, Dave Branon explores historical and biblical evidence that will give you reasons to believe that Jesus rose from the dead. Discover the importance of your response to His resurrection and how it relates to your eternal destiny.