Jenna and Devon's Story

Jenna and Devon’s Story

Our Daily Bread devotionals have really been a source of encouragement and spiritual teaching to me as a single mom over the last 14 years. Many times I and my daughter were unable to go to church due to finances/not enough gas to get to church or fellowship with other Christians. We used your devotionals as a starting point to study God’s Word and discuss biblical and life applications of what we read in our bible and your devotional. I like the uplifting stories as well as the quotes at the bottom. We now, years later, still have church at home at times and my daughter runs them without any assistance from me. She uses PowerPoints and makes up activities and we read from the Bible. She is one of the best Sunday School teachers I’ve ever had. I believe that this grew from those humble days of being sad of not having enough gas to get to church and only having a copy of Our Daily Bread and our Bible. Now we are just as excited to have church at home and my daughter has grown as a young Christian from this experience. I still love to read Our Daily Bread and have recommended it to new Christians and they love it! Thank you to all who contribute the stories and provide it for free to me and others who cannot afford such materials. God Bless you and thanks.

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