When Can I Travel Again?

Read: Psalm 39:12(b) “For I am your guest – a traveller passing through, as my ancestors were before me.”

As more Malaysians are vaccinated and staycations now allowed within some states, some of us are eagerly asking, “When can I travel again?” I’m sure wanderlusters are kicking and screaming, “I need a holiday, let me out of here!”

In my previous job, I worked in a travel agency surrounded by colleagues who travelled a lot. Travelling was a lifestyle and weekend road trips were common. They went on diving holidays and mountain treks to all kinds of amazing destinations, and everyone planned ahead for long weekends and year-end school holidays.

Life is short, enjoy the moment

The prevalent mindset was this: life is short, enjoy the moment. Work hard, play hard, and live life to the fullest. We all had bucket lists: my 30 before 30, or 40 before 40. Life was all about saving up for the next holiday, becoming addicted to looking for cheap deals online, and planning the next trip as soon as we got back home.

Life was all about saving up for the next holiday

However, many may find that this happiness is only temporary, especially when we dread coming back to the daily routine, seeing the work that has piled up and facing the problems that haven’t gone away. Perhaps it’s a reminder that true fulfillment cannot be found in even the most exotic of holidays?

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The best holidays can’t seem to fill a void that only God can

King Solomon once said that all the pleasures in the world were meaningless (Ecclesiastes 2:1). His conclusion was that fearing God and keeping His commandments was the only thing that mattered in life (12:13). Indeed, pursuing pleasure and the best holidays can’t seem to fill a void that only God can.

I’m reminded also that as Christians, we already are travellers – pilgrims or sojourners here on earth. But thank God that we are not alone on life’s journey as Jesus promises to be with us always (Matthew 28:20). When we encounter mountains, valleys, rivers, plains, crowded highways and lonely roads, God promises us His never-failing presence.

Find ultimate satisfaction in God

As such, we can take comfort in knowing that it is ultimately God who satisfies. We eat from the Bread of Life and never go hungry, and drink from the Living Water and never go thirsty (John 6:35). In Him we can find true satisfaction and significance, where even the most amazing overseas trip or some other hobby cannot fill, as He changes our perspective of what true fulfilment is.

In Him we can find true satisfaction and significance

May we discover a deep, fulfilling sense of purpose in Him – not from travelling or accumulating experiences – but from living life knowing who made us and why we are here. Amen.

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