Step 1: Which option would you like to learn about?

Step 2: Discover the various ways to make a gift.

The most common way of supporting Our Daily Bread Ministries and Our Daily Bread is through a direct donation. All donation gifts to the ministry are tax deductible as provided by law. DONATE HERE
Contribute long-term or appreciated stocks or other securities.
Donate a collection or other personal item.
Avoid capital gains on the sale of real estate.
Contribute a life insurance policy you no longer need and/or name Our Daily Bread Ministries as the beneficiary.
Avoid taxation by naming Our Daily Bread Ministries as a beneficiary of the remainder of the assets in your retirement plan.
Give your personal residence or farm while continuing to live there.
Leave a legacy gift by designating Our Daily Bread Ministries as a beneficiary in your will.
Designate a revocable gift during your lifetime.
Create a trust that pays a fixed percentage of a trust’s assets as revalued annually.
Create a charitable trust that pays you a set income.
Name Our Daily Bread Ministries as the beneficiary and get a tax deduction using an irrevocable trust.
Enter into a charitable gift annuity contract with Our Daily Bread Ministries that pays you a guaranteed fixed income.

Step 3: How would you like to be contacted.

Our Daily Bread Ministries has also engaged the services of  Barnabas Foundation to assist our friends with wills and estate planning. Click here for more information.

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