Thank you for supporting us in prayer! We rely on God’s grace to help people stay close to Him and His Word through our biblical resources. Please join us in prayer for:


March Prayer Items




1. Bible Conferences in Malaysia

Part of our ministry efforts is to organise Bible Conferences throughout Malaysia. They are done in partnership with a local church or other churches who support us. In March, we have the following two events:

Please pray for our speaker, Bishop Emeritus Dr. Robert Solomon of The Methodist Church in Singapore as he teaches at these meetings. For more details and to join us, find out more here.

2. ‘Love is a Four Letter Word’ booklet

We recently launched a small booklet entitled, ‘Love is a Four Letter Word’ that deals with relationships and sexuality. Please pray with us that it will be a useful resource for young people, especially older teenagers and young adults who want to understand this topic from a biblical perspective.

3. Discipleship series in Bahasa Malaysia

Our team is now revising Siri Pemuridan, the 12-booklet Discipleship Series in Bahasa Malaysia. Pray that the team will have clarity of mind and strength to complete the revisions within a tight schedule for our next release. Find out more about our East Malaysia efforts here.




The majority of the 3 million or so people in Papua, Indonesia’s easternmost province, are Christians. Many of them, however, face challenges in growing their faith, as the sheer size of Papua and transport infrastructure make it difficult for them to access printed Christian resources. Churches are in great need of Bible study, discipleship, and devotional materials, to help their congregations to spend time in God’s Word and mature in their faith.

Please pray for:

  • Resources, opportunities, and creative solutions to bring biblical resources to more people in Papua, such as sharing annual instead of quarterly versions of Our Daily Bread.
  • Believers to stay strong in the faith, and for pastors and church leaders to be spiritually equipped to lead and encourage congregations in their walk with God.


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