Our young people are in crisis.

Their lives, education, and career have been uprooted by Covid-19 and political instability. Some of them have given up. Many struggle with depression, anxiety, and hopelessness.

But God is with us to give us perspective, hope, and strength. Our Daily Bread Ministries wants to strengthen the faith of these young people through biblical resources on coping with mental health challenges.

We offer articles written by young adults who experience such challenges themselves. Through their testimonies, we hope readers will find encouragement as they encounter the life-transforming wisdom of the Bible.

May they turn to Jesus Christ, their true hope, and be able to say “When I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10).

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How to Help

Grace for Today and Feeling Anxious? : Two Myanmar language booklets will be made available for free to bring Christ to the wounded. If you work for a church or a youth organization, or simply wish to help, join us in this project, in any way you can—through prayers, financial support, distribution, or spreading the news!

Grace for Today

"The grace of the Lord is sufficient though life’s journey is long."

Ten easy-to-read, comforting devotional articles to accompany readers and lead them to God—the source of hope. May His words nourish the disappointed and depressed and give them strength to bravely move forward in life.


Feeling Anxious?

"Let’s speak openly about anxiety and faith."

This booklet aims to do just that—shine a light on anxiety among young Christians across the Asia Pacific. We hope that this booklet will help open conversations about mental health and faith within the church. For those who struggle with anxiety and those who wish to help them.


Pray with Us

For strength for those who are trapped by mental illness and struggle to break free from it

For wisdom and knowledge for us as we try to engage young readers to draw them closer to Christ

For the resources we are offering, to help readers engage God’s Word in their lives

For financial support and channels to print and distribute the booklets on mental health

For partners in ministry who will help us with distribution

Please let us know how you wish to join us in this project by indicating your interest in the below options:

Yes, I want to pray for you.

Yes, I want to support financially.

Click SUPPORT. Please indicate "For Strength in Weakness project" as a remark.

Yes, I want to request for copies to pass to others.

(Note: delivery available within Myanmar only.)

Yes, I want to tell others about this meaningful project. Please tell me how.

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