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The Looking Deeper series offers great Bible teaching for Christians. Whether you are a new Christian or a mature believer, we have a range of short Bible studies on many crucial topics and questions. These booklets are quick and easy to read, offering accessible and engaging introductions and explanations about tough subjects. They are great for personal study or to facilitate discussion at your Bible study group.

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Due to the current circumstances and government advice, our Our Daily Bread Ministries office in the UK has now closed for the foreseeable future. We would like to encourage you to visit us online at ourdailybread.org where you can read Our Daily Bread and many of our other resources. We pray they will provide encouragement and support during these difficult days. We will also be keeping in touch and sharing our resources on our Facebook page. Please do join us there so we can walk with you through these difficult days.

At Easter we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection! But why did He die in the first place? “Jesus died to save us” is often the standard answer to this question—but what does that really mean? Jesus’ death and resurrection are not something we necessarily find easy to explain! This booklet explores what Jesus’ death achieved in straightforward terms, helping you get to know Him better and to appreciate all that He has done for you!

Whether in big things or little things, if we’re honest, we’ve all messed up. Yet the Bible tells us that everyone who genuinely says sorry to God, and turns back to Him in obedience, will find true forgiveness. Discover what it means to be forgiven by God and what it looks like to live a forgiven life!

In our modern world, many are convinced that the Bible is nothing more than a silly old book. It’s just a mixture of myths, fairy-tales and children’s stories, all rewritten over time. What possible evidence is there to support the Bible as an accurate, trustworthy book?

Did Jesus really rise from the dead? For most of us in the church, the answer to this question is easy: yes He did. But does the resurrection stand up to serious investigation? Read through the evidence and grow in your own confidence of Jesus’ victory over death!

Sometimes anger is explosive and aggressive; sometimes it makes us shut down in silence. No matter how we experience it, we all get angry. But how can we know when anger is right or wrong? And what does the Bible actually say about anger and how we should handle it?

What do we do when things are just too much and we can’t see a way forward? How are we meant to know the plan when God seems silent in the middle of our trials? We’ve all asked questions like this at some point. How can I face my trials? will show you that rather than panicking when the unexpected happens, we can actually be prepared in advance with God’s priorities and purposes.

Grieving after loss is a very personal thing. And there’s no single right way to grieve. This short introduction to the subject will help you understand a bit more about how grief works and will help you think about how you can cope with loss, whilst relying on God’s love and care.

There is no easy answer to the constant and growing threat of terrorism. How should we respond as Christians? Should we hide away in fear? Or should we unite in anger and public judgement of such horrific acts? From a place of recent experience, the author of this booklet gently shares what it means to respond to terrorism, and those affected by it, with the shocking, uncomfortable and awe-inspiring love of God.

Just one more email; must make this quick call; missed assemblies; dinner going cold; slipping into bed after midnight to a spouse who has long since given up waiting. Does any of this sound familiar?

If you fear that work has become more pressing than anything else, even your time alone with God, then ‘How can we stop work becoming an idol?’ has some great insights for you. Written by someone who has gone through this struggle themselves, they know just what it takes to properly re-evaluate our work/life balance. Find the guidance you need to shift your focus back onto Jesus and the security that can only be found in Him.

Temptation is an awkward subject at best. We don’t like talking about our weaknesses or the things we do in secret that we know we really shouldn’t. While the Bible has some stern warnings for us about giving into temptation, the purpose of those warnings is to send us running to our forgiving, loving God—our “hiding-place” who “[forgives] the guilt of [our] sin” (see Psalm 32:7). And that is the purpose of this booklet as well, to encourage you to draw closer to God, find your security in Him and be more equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

Many of us who consider ourselves Christians have experienced seasons of doubt about whether we really belong to Jesus. Feelings of distance from God or habitual sin in our lives can shake the very foundations of our faith. As distressing as those feelings are, they are an important opportunity for us to “examine [ourselves]” as Paul instructs (2 Corinthians 13:5). This practical and uplifting booklet will help you explore the assurance the Bible gives to all who trust Jesus, as well as guiding you through many of the evidences of the Holy Spirit working in your life.

Reading the Bible is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. Strange and unusual stories, situations and circumstances fill its pages. So how do we read this text and, even more importantly, actually apply its teaching to our lives today?

The moment Jesus walked out of His grave, everything changed. But what difference does His resurrection make to us today? Discover the certainty we can have of our own future resurrection and of the life that waits for us beyond death’s door!

What’s going on with God in the Old Testament? He’s so angry and violent. If he’s not flooding the earth then he’s blowing up entire civilisations or telling His people to invade enemy cities and kill everyone! It can be hard to digest some of the things God does in the Old Testament—and to really believe it’s the same God who then sent Jesus to die in our place. This short booklet will help you see that God really is the same yesterday, today and forever as it gives you a quick overview of the one story of salvation that runs through both the Old and New Testaments.

All of us have weaknesses and issues. Whether we choose to admit this is another matter. Is it ever OK to not be OK? is a reminder that God uses our weaknesses as opportunities to show His power, strength, love and care.

If God’s plan for us is to know Him, then why isn’t it the easiest life imaginable? To answer these questions, we need to know a little bit about what the Bible says about us, about our life in this world and about the new enemies we have gained since giving our lives to Christ.

This short study examines God’s Word to see what causes addictions, what’s needed to break free and what hope there is for those who feel trapped.

Jesus tells us: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” (Matthew 7:1). But does this mean we’re not to make any judgements about good or bad? Are we just meant to let people be ‘who they are’ and stay quiet? And at what point do we cross the line from judging to being judgemental? Explore Jesus’ teaching in its full context and learn how, as those called to be holy, we can and should practise God-centred discernment every day.

Welcoming the stranger looks at how God treats strangers and outsiders, how Christians are also ‘foreigners’ in this world and how we should practically respond to and love the strangers we meet. This challenging booklet will help you think through what it means to welcome ‘strangers’ in your church and community with biblical hospitality.

The Bible says the answer to the uncertainty of life is hope. This isn’t flimsy ‘wishful’ thinking. The hope the Bible tells us to have is one of confident expectation. Find out just what this hope is and why it makes a difference to absolutely everything!

Be encouraged that worry needn’t drive us away from God in despair, but drive us to Him in hope! We do not have to wrestle with our fears or confront our nightmares alone. This short study will help you to turn your worry into prayer and even praise.

The New Testament teaches that Jesus’ return should have an impact on our life, attitude and perspective today. So the question is: what difference should it actually make? Rather than discussing ‘end times’ theories, dates and events, this booklet is about the concrete fact that Jesus is “coming soon” (Revelation 22:12). This time He will not come as a helpless baby, but as the righteous and good Judge of the world. Explore the Bible’s wisdom and direction about how we can live with readiness, eagerness, hope and purpose as we wait for Him.

Marriage takes hard work, not because it’s a bad idea, but because that’s what love is—a commitment to serve and care for someone other than me! Whether you’re engaged, planning a wedding, newly married or on course to celebrate a big anniversary, rediscover some of the key things the Bible says it takes to make a strong, God-centred marriage. This would be an excellent conversation-starter booklet to use for marriage prep courses.

The Bible commands us to “repent”, but what does that really mean? What does it look like and is it more than simply being sorry for something? Explore the stories of Peter and the church at Corinth to examine why repentance isn’t just a one-time decision to turn to Jesus, but a way of life!

The Centurion who witnessed Christ’s death exclaimed: “Truly this Man was the Son of God!” What led him to such a bold statement in the face of the authorities who ordered the execution? What was it about Jesus arrest, trial and execution that could so transform the perspective of a seasoned executioner?

Baptism must look pretty strange to outsiders: a bunch of people dunking other people into water and then celebrating it. But how well do we really understand it ourselves?

Different churches and denominations practice baptism in slightly different ways, but one way or another, we all do it. The question is: why do we do it? What’s it all about? This short booklet will help you explore exactly what baptism symbolises and celebrates, showing why Jesus tells all His followers to come and be baptised.

Do you ever feel a bit mentally and emotionally disconnected during communion at your church? Many of us struggle with that sense of detachment during communion; we know something important is happening, but we’re not quite sure what it is. This booklet will help you take a good look at this tradition as you examine where it comes from, what it’s for, why we do it and why there is a lot more to it than you realise!

What does it mean to have a life of prayer? And what does it look like? We’re told to “pray continually” (1 Thessalonians 5:17), but is that even possible? Explore the prayer model that Jesus gave to His disciples to find out more about what prayer is (and what it isn’t!) And enjoy rediscovering many of the promises God gives us in the Bible about our unrestricted, unlimited, 24/7 access to Him!

The “armour of God” described in Ephesians 6 is confusing at best. What is it exactly? How do we wear it? And how does it help in our relationship with God? This little booklet explains each part of the protective gear God has given us, showing what difference it makes to our everyday lives and the battles we face.

Many of us can’t help but compare ourselves with the people we know. We look around us and see lifestyles, looks, abilities, family and achievements that we long for. When we compare ourselves to others, don’t we sometimes feel like we’ve been short-changed by God?

This is what Asaph was wrestling with when he wrote Psalm 73. He saw people who made no room for God in their lives doing very well for themselves, and yet he, a follower of God, knew only suffering and hardship. No matter who we are comparing ourselves to, there are plenty of warnings to heed in Asaph’s prayerful journey—along with many more reasons to have hope.


It can be easy to view the Christmas story as simply an evangelistic opportunity; yet there is a depth to this story that can still powerfully challenge those of us within the church as well. What is the reality of Christmas? will plunge you into the real world of Christ’s birth to take a fresh look at some of the forgotten details of this story. Be reminded that Jesus wasn’t just born amongst livestock in order to inspire us; He was born as “the Lamb” so that He could die in our place.

The Holy Spirit is often the subject of much debate and confusion in the church. Yet the Bible is clear both about who the Holy Spirit is and what He does in our lives. Discover the true nature, purpose and role of the promised “Helper”.

What is worship? We hear this word a lot in our churches . . . But can we actually define it? This short booklet will help you think about worship not just as a time of praising and singing with other Christians, but also as a daily lifestyle and attitude to be lived out hour by hour!

The belief that Jesus Christ is God is at the very heart of Christianity. But this claim sounds ridiculous to many. So, aside from the things we think we know, and the things we’ve been told by our friends or parents, who is the real Jesus?

According to the apostle Paul, the church displays the “manifold wisdom of God”. How can that be right? Churches are full of imperfect, hurting people! Discover what God’s Word says the church actually is and what it’s here to do!

If you’ve ever asked God for anything and not had a response, you may well think that God doesn’t care that much about you. It might surprise you that there are people in the Bible, such as a man called Asaph, who also wrestled with this same issue. By studying Psalm 77, one of Asaph’s heartfelt prayers, you’ll discover the true purpose, privilege and power of prayer!

Why do we find it difficult to break the silence about the best news and most important Person the world has ever known? This study gives very practical and insightful teaching to help you actively invite others to see God at work in your life.

Trying to understand the Trinity is so confusing, we have to wonder if it is really worth it. This straight-forward study will help you think about the real difference the Trinity makes to your daily relationship with God.

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