Our Daily Bread Ministries was first set up in Singapore in 1996. Our work is supported by local Christians who had benefited from our resources. Click here to go to the Singapore homepage.

Love is a Four Letter Word

Written by young people for young people, "Love Is A Four Letter Word" takes on sensitive and challenging questions on relationships, jealousy, lust, and homosexuality, and encourage readers to explore these issues while offering a biblical perspective. It targets a generation that is not afraid to ask difficult questions and reaches out to them through peers who have gone through the same journey. It’s meant for both Christians and non-Christians.

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Helping You Grow

We have a wide range of resources to help you grow in your faith, wherever you are in your journey with Christ.

Do you want to find out what Christianity is all about? Or are you looking to share your faith with those with little knowledge of God? Our resources introduce the Christian faith in a friendly, engaging way. Find answers to difficult questions and address your felt needs and life issues.

Or seeking to challenge others to take the step of faith? We have materials that explain the gospel, address your questions about Christianity, and tackle faith issues.

We have resources that help new believers begin their walk with God, gain a deeper understanding of His Word, and learn to live out the faith.

Want to dig deeper into His Word? Our resources help you gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and guide you in applying its truths to your life.

Our resources offer insightful teaching to help you in your ministry and discipleship, and to gain a deep understanding of biblical and theological issues.

Helping You Share

Whether you’re an individual looking to share the Good News with your friends or at your workplace, a business owner seeking to make Christian resources available to your clients and customers, or a church or ministry leader looking for resources to distribute to your congregation or at ministry events in church, we would love to partner you! We have a wide variety of resources that you can share.