Our Daily Bread Ministries was first set up in Singapore in 1996. Our work is supported by local Christians who had benefited from our resources. Click here to go to the Singapore homepage.

Current Trends & Issues

Not all stories about people fostering children are positive, as Ruth Wan-Lau has found from her friends’ experiences. But one thing stands out, no matter what. Read on to find out what she’s discovered as she reflects on the recently concluded Foster Care Week in Singapore.

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Disciples in an Age of Plenty

A recognized degree. A good job and a big salary. Buying everything that you want. The 5 "C's". Living the good life. Are these what life is about? How do these gel with being a disciple? Click to find out.

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Our Daily Bread: Teens Edition

Do you struggle to spend time with God daily? Try using Our Daily Bread: Teens Edition. This 30-day reading plan will help you kick-start your Bible reading habit with bite-sized devotions and stories.

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